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Friday, February 23, 2024
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Filming of “Cultural Comedy” began in Moscow KXan 36 Daily News

Date: February 23, 2024 Time: 23:19:56

Victor is a man of modern values: success, money, prospects. Marina is a person from the past: cultural heritage, art, memory of her ancestors. They did not have a single opportunity for rapprochement, if it were not for the love that arises at the wrong time.

According to the plot, Viktor Letaev supervises the construction of roads and is used to always getting his way. He knows and loves his work, but he is not interested in anything else. His motto: “I chopped wood, I didn’t have time for those Chekhovs and Pasternaks of yours, because everyone needs firewood, and you can’t heat a house with art.” But the worldview changes when culture and art become a new vector for the development of the region. Now, in order to sit in the chair of an official, he will have to study the cultural heritage of the Perm Territory. To help himself, he takes lessons from art history teacher Marina Nikolaevna. Will he be able to ennoble an official far from culture?

It is logical that the idea of ​​u200bu200bsuch a film appeared in Perm: a recent attempt at a “cultural revolution” here has exacerbated the conflict between officials and artists. The heroes of the film will also fiercely defend their principles, but art will force them to reconcile in the name of love. The official will get rid of the categorical and the art critic will descend from heaven to earth.

Director of “Cultural Comedy” – Vladimir Kott. The authors of the idea were Danil Trotsenko and Yamur Gilmutdinov, known for their work on the House Arrest and Correction and Punishment projects.

Vladimir Kott says: “This is a smart romantic comedy, in which the eternal story of” the love of a young girl and a bully “, as happened, for example, in the film by Marlen Khutsiev” Spring on Zarechnaya Street ” When I read the script, an actor Lesha Chadov immediately appeared in my head – he has masculinity, courage and at the same time childhood, and as soon as Lesha confirmed his consent, we immediately began to look for who his hero would fall in love with on the screen. And we realized that we have few such actresses. We suggested the role of Yana Gladkikh, because she is like Irina Kupchenko in her youth: thin, vulnerable, can be enthusiastic and romantic. It seemed to me that it was very interesting to collide masculinity and female romanticism.

Photo: Film Company “Central Association”

Other roles in the film will be played by Yuri Stoyanov, Anton Yeskin, Andrey Fedortsov, Alexandra Veleskevich.

Alexey Chadov, who plays Viktor Letaev, says: “This is a great script: thoughtful, with prescribed images and arcs, there is nothing to complain about. After the first reading, I remembered the image of Glumov from Ostrovsky’s comedy ” Enough bullshit everyone. “Wise man.” University in the 3rd year. In Ostrovsky, a young man knows how to succeed, relying solely on one unshakable rule: he must say what he wants to hear, and then he will achieve professional success. But at the same time, you lose a lot, important: the ability for an independent, creative approach, my own thinking, fantasy… My character in the “Cultural Comedy” is very similar to Glumov.

Yana Gladkikh, who plays Marina, says: “After reading only the first scene of the script, I agreed to this role – I realized that I definitely like it and I want to take part in it. Marina, on the one hand, is very principled, she often turns up her nose, she is all in black and white, but she is a lively person with a high sense of justice. She is close to me. At the same time, she is touching, very intelligent.”

The performer of the role of Belozerov, Yuri Stoyanov, says: “I am glad to work with Volodya Kott again. We have already filmed a short story for the film almanac “The Day Before…” with him. who for love, and with whom for money Here – for love. In addition, I was attracted by the opportunity to play a bright character with fate and character, and not a hero role. Chaplin said: “Life is a comedy when you look at it from afar. And a tragedy when you see it up close, close-up. “This quote very accurately defines my hero in the film: Belozerov.”

Filming will take place in Moscow, as well as in the cultural and historical places of Perm and the Perm region: in the Perm Opera and Ballet Theater, in the Palace of Culture. AP Chekhov, in the SP Diaghilev House-Museum, in the Pasternak House and in other emblematic places in the region. Theater actors, artists and creative teams from the Perm Territory will participate in the project.

The film company “Central Partnership” will release the film for the celebration of the 300th anniversary of Perm in 2023.

Photo: Film Company “Central Association”

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