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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Final “Miss Universe 2022”: what place Russian Anna Linnikova took, what is known about the winner from the USA R’Bonnie Gabriel

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 16:29:45

The American entrant was not remembered for anything, and her age is critical to the pageant: At 28, by beauty pageant standards, she’s too old to win.


The beauty battle of the year is over: on the evening of January 14 (Moscow time, in the early morning of the 15th), Miss Universe 2022 was chosen in New Orleans. Of the eight dozen beauties from around the world, the best, to the surprise of experts, was the 28-year-old representative of the United States, R’Bonnie Gabrielle. Second place was taken by Amanda Dudamel from Venezuela, third by Andreina Martínez from the Dominican Republic.

But the Russian Anna Linnikova did not even make it to the TOP-16. And our girl had little chance in the current climate, to put it mildly, great for the Russians…

The United States representative is R’Bonny Gabriel. Amanda Dudamel from Venezuela, Andreina Martinez from the Dominican Republic



The grandiose competition was held in two stages, and only 16 contestants “lit” in the final. But the semifinals, which took place a couple of days before, became a moment of glory for all the girls without exception: they paraded in swimsuits, evening dresses and national costumes. It was the last stage that traditionally became the most curious and sold hundreds of memes on the Web.

The fact is that the national costume at Miss Universe has long been interpreted in its own way, whoever it is, so the exit for the layman sometimes turns into a freak show with a riot of flowers, feathers and structures. complete engineering. behind. This year, for example, “Miss Bolivia” took the stage with an eagle on her head, “Miss Cayman Islands” – in the form of an iguana, “Miss El Salvador” – in a bitcoin costume… Ridiculous? But this is the best way to say that El Salvador was the first to recognize cryptocurrency as legal tender.

The national costume for “Miss Universe” has long been interpreted in its own way, who is to what extent?


Tribal leaders, goddesses, superheroes, felines (animal protection is still all the rage), and even…a Dutch waffle shimmered onstage. And the outfits themselves were sometimes collected from recycled trash or printed on a 3D printer. When “Miss USA” appeared on the stage, the audience immediately dubbed her “Biden’s granddaughter”: the foreign beauty could hardly move her legs under the heavy model of cosmic bodies; this is how the Americans decided to remember her landing on the crescent. A century ago. Then the public could not even imagine that this was the way of walking of the winner…

“Miss Salvador” – dressed as a bitcoin



But the Russian woman bypassed this bacchanalia: the charming Anya appeared on the stage without ridiculous details, in the “empress’s dress.” But heavy velvet, combined with rhinestones and a mini, which emphasized all the advantages of our participant, suddenly became the object of hatred.

What did she mean by that? That Russia has imperial ambitions? howled haters from all over the world.

Anna Linnikova did not even make it to the TOP-16


Here is Linnikova’s second evening dress, also not to the liking of unfriendly onlookers. So, in the bright red color of the toilet, Ukrainian propaganda saw … the color of blood. Anya’s page on social networks was attacked by tens of thousands of haters who want retaliation for the events in Ukraine. Why a beautiful young lady should be responsible for the conflict, and even in a competition far from politics, none of them thought.

In addition, the Ukrainian contestant added fuel to the fire with force and force: on

In the final, “Miss Ukraine” simply “leaked”


she spoke about politics on social networks, defiantly walked away from our beauty, and in the semifinals she came out disguised as a “warrior of light”, with angelic white wings and a sharp sword. However, this sacrificial image did not help her even get to the TOP-16 – in the final, Miss Ukraine simply “leaked”.


“Our participant was thrown at the mercy of”

– Our Anya behaved with dignity, – the expert in the field of beauty contests Anton Paramonov is sure (who, by the way, in his forecast for KP.RU a month before the contest correctly identified two of the three finalists: USA and Venezuela). -In these difficult conditions, she endured the pressure that was put on her not only on social networks, but also on the site. They only say that “Miss Universe” is for world peace and for equal treatment of all. But there were almost no Russians in the room, and each of our exits was accompanied by deathly silence instead of applause and shouts of support. And that can bring the ground down from under anyone’s feet. It turns out that our participant was simply thrown at the mercy.

Meanwhile, the expert’s choice of the winner caused bewilderment.

R’Bonnie Gabrielle is Miss Universe 2022


– The American participant was not remembered for anything, and her age for the competition is critical: at 28, by the standards of beauty pageants, she is already too old to win, – Anton Paramonov believes. -But she did not expect to see a Ukrainian in the final. When talking with colleagues, we call her “Miss Photoshop” among ourselves: without makeup and other adjustments, the girl looks completely different.

However, the most dissatisfied with the results of “Miss Universe 2022”, according to the expert, the Philippines and Indonesia:

– Traditionally, most of the fans are there, and now they are probably cursing the organizers, – notes our interlocutor.


“Miss Universe 2021” almost fell off the stage

Last year’s winner and until yesterday the most beautiful woman in the world, Harnaaz Sandhu of India, advanced to the final to present the diamond crown to the winner. However, during her walk, Sandhu tripped on her huge heels and nearly fell off the stage; only at the last moment, staggering awkwardly, did she manage to keep her balance. At the same time, in the year since her coronation, the girl has decently gained weight, and embarrassing her against the background of slender finishers did not look quite elegant.

Last year’s winner and until yesterday the most beautiful woman in the world Harnaaz Sandhu from India


By the way, the participants themselves have not measured themselves for a long time – the parameters 90-60-90, as well as the requirements for height and weight, are a thing of the past. It is now considered rude and a violation of women’s rights. Like, the main thing is that “Miss” looked healthy.


“Universal” scandals

This year, the competition was again not without disputes and losses. So, before the New Year, a contestant from Kazakhstan, Diana Tashimbetova, was withdrawn from participation with a scandal. The young woman assured that the national organizers left her without funding and support, they in response insisted that she did not have enough time to prepare the show. As a result of a public confrontation, Diana was even stripped of the Miss Universe Kazakhstan 2022 title.

And in the fan audiences, the bones of a participant from Spain were ground: shortly before the final, photos appeared from her parties in Dubai, where the girl smokes cigarettes in front of the camera and shows indecent gestures. However, contrary to forecasts, this did not prevent the Spanish beauty queen from being among the 16 semifinalists.

In fan publics they ground a participant from Spain’s bones


Two more contestants dropped out due to illness: representatives from Norway and Latvia were diagnosed with coronavirus.

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