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Friday, March 1, 2024
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Finnair opens the door for large airlines to charge for suitcases in the cabin

Date: March 1, 2024 Time: 23:13:45

In recent years there have been notable changes in the conditions of access to hand luggage in aircraft cabins. A recent decision by the Finnish airline Finnair has reopened the ‘thunder box’ and its announcement has generated a stir among travelers. Finnair has chosen to implement a new approach, charging an extra fee to passengers who wish to carry their bags in the cabin. That is, ‘billing’ also for it. The firm thus intends to optimize the space available in the overhead bins and streamline the boarding process. But… what will happen to the rest of the airlines? Will they choose to carry out this same strategy? At the moment, the Spanish firms completely rejected this proposal.

The large traditional Spanish airlines such as Iberia, Iberia Express or Air Nostrum confirm to La Información that no change will be made to their hand luggage policy despite Finnair’s decision. In the same way, they emphasize that their baggage policy “is quite generous” and favors comfort and well-being during the flight. In addition, Iberia and Air Nostrum highlight within their hand luggage policy that passengers can carry as hand luggage a suitcase with cabin measurements of 56 x 40 x 25cm with a weight allowed up to 10 kilograms, in addition to a personal accessory. 40x30x15cm.

Air France, Lufthansa planes…

On the other hand, outside the national framework, the large airlines of France and Germany, Air France and Lufthansa respectively, confirm in statements to this medium that they do not have “planes to change the policy on hand luggage.” In addition, the German assures that “hand luggage will continue to be free without any extra charge.” On the French side, both Air France and KLM assure that they do not expect to implement any novelty in this regard and confirm that the cabin suitcase will continue to be included in the price of all tickets, in addition to a personal accessory that will have to be placed under the front seat.

The ‘low cost’ came forward

For their part, the ‘low cost’ airlines already opted for this option years ago. For example, Ryanair does not plan to make any timely changes to its current policy. In addition, he stresses that his airline was ahead of this strategy and imposed a policy similar to the one that Finnair has now accepted.

Airlines such as Ryanair or Vueling have already implemented these charges, although companies such as Iberia or Air France prefer to maintain their current policy.

Ryanair, together with Vueling, maintain that this policy of charging for hand luggage was already implemented in their systems. However, both airlines emphasize that they attach great importance to passenger comfort, which is why they offer a flexible and personalized baggage policy in order to guarantee a pleasant experience during the flight.

All travelers have the possibility of carrying one piece of hand luggage of 40cm x 20cm x 30cm free of charge, which can be placed under the seat. However, if you want to travel with a cabin suitcase, this will have an additional cost unlike traditional companies. According to Ryanair and Vueling, this measure seeks to provide comfort and facilitate access to passengers’ personal belongings during the trip.

Is it allowed to charge for hand luggage?

According to a ruling issued by Madrid Commercial Court number one, dated June 17, 2022, airlines that impose a surcharge for hand luggage would be contravening current legislation. The airlines maintain that their rates are supported by Regulation EC 1008/2008 of September 24, which establishes the full liberalization of prices in the transport sector. However, the judicial decision has not considered that hand luggage includes not only the small purses or bags that passengers usually place under the seat, but also those small-sized suitcases that are not stored in the upper compartments of the cabin. .

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