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Friday, September 29, 2023
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“Fire your surgeon”: Natalya Sturm, 57, posed in a tiny bikini after a failed liposuction

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 09:44:36

Natalia Sturm. Photo: social networks.

In August, Natalya Sturm informed her subscribers on social networks that she had undergone plastic surgery. The “School Romance” hit singer admitted that she decided to have surgery spontaneously. The surgeon performed liposuction on the abdomen, buttock correction and blepharoplasty (eyelid correction). A month after the operation, the 90s star decided to show off her renewed figure.

The 56-year-old artist recorded a candid video in which she dances in the bathroom wearing a lilac swimsuit. The bikini consists of a miniature bra that barely covers her breasts and tiny panties.

“Do you like rhythmic dancing? Do you like primitive hits? Then you will be in the nineties,” the singer signs in the video.

The singer shared a photo in a bikini after liposuction. Photo: social networks.

However, Sturm’s subscribers did not appreciate the video. They noticed the star’s bulging belly. The followers unanimously decided that the liposuction was unsuccessful and advised Natalia to fire her surgeon. Netizens are sure that Sturm looked much better before plastic surgery.

“Natalie, can’t you see that your stomach is not a fountain?” With such a belly, only a one-piece swimsuit”, “You should not show your imperfections”, “Terrible liposuction. Fire your surgeon,” “He looks simply terrible,” “Even in his clothes he was ugly and completely disgusting,” wrote users under the artist’s post.

Photo of Natalia before liposuction. Subscribers are sure that she looked better before the operation. Photo: social networks.

Even though the singer is over sixty years old, she still posts hot content on social media. The ’90s star isn’t shy about taking topless photos and posting candid shots. Sturm often makes big statements about her sexuality. The singer recently admitted that she prefers men younger than her.

“I never get bored anywhere. For my part, I determined that my female age will last up to 100 years. And then I will leave the great sex,” Natalia said.

In March of this year, Sturm announced that he was getting married. The singer’s chosen one was a jeweler named Albert (the artist hides her husband’s last name). The couple went on their honeymoon to the Caribbean, to the island of Saint Martin.

The ’90s star was married twice, but both marriages ended in divorce. The artist, who has a daughter and a son, has already become a grandmother. Years passed, the singer had numerous adventures, but she never found happiness. Until a few years ago, while traveling in Zanzibar, I met Albert.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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