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Friday, September 29, 2023
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Five cheap motorhomes with which you do not give up the comforts of home

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 16:43:45

The ‘boom’ of motorhomes is driving more and more families to opt for houses on wheels as a cheap option to spend a few days on vacation. They allow you to travel more freely and without the ties imposed by hotels. Although in the months of July and August the rental price skyrockets and can cost even more than accommodation. In any case, there are motorhomes that offer the services and comforts of a home.

It must be remembered that the law allows you to spend the night in a motorhome or camper anywhere, always respecting traffic regulations. You can not remove the awning, tables, chairs or anything inside. It is also prohibited to lower windows, awnings or elements that exceed the perimeter of your vehicle. Thus, the most economical and comfortable is to look for areas set up for recreational vehicles or rest areas with the possibility of discharging gray and black water, in addition to having access to electricity outlets. To spend the night in a campsite, the average cost will be between 12 and 20 euros per day, approximately. In addition, it must be taken into account that the Coastal Law prohibits setting aside on the coast and the beaches.

In addition, inside a motorhome you can also cook when it is parked. The law left it and there is no problem. So it is not necessary to be in a campsite, a rest area or eat in a restaurant. With these two clear points, we are going to know some models with the comforts of an accommodation to go on vacation.

Weinsberg compact face

This German motorhome noted for its narrow body, which makes it a vehicle with a reduced width. Thus, it is easier to drive and park. It measures seven meters in length, making it perfect for couples or families of up to four people. The living room is made up of seats, a table and revolving benches to take up less space. It also includes a full bathroom, with toilet, sink and shower, and a kitchen with stove and never included.

McLouis Glamys 222

It is a capuchin motorhome (it has a raised area above the driver’s cabin that provides additional space to sleep) with 7 approved places to travel and sleep. It has a double bed and bunk beds. This makes it an ideal model for large family vacations. Among other amenities, a fully equipped kitchen with fridge, a dining area and a bathroom.

belle fashion 2

Just as there are spacious motorhomes with several beds for large families, there are also models designed for traveling and enjoying nature as a couple. An example is the Fiat-based Bela Trendy 2, which costs 50,000 euros. It is simple, but it has all the basic comforts, such as a complete bathroom, ambient lighting, a gas cooker with two burners, a fridge with a freezer. It measures 5.61 meters in length, 2.10 in width and 2.69 in height, thus allowing freedom of movement inside.

Knaus Tourer Van

This new model of the Knaus Tourer Van is a twist that has pleasantly surprised. Its modular system based on the chassis of a Volkswagen T6.1 stands out. It is designed to make much better use of spaces. The bathroom only leaves the toilet and vanity visible, while the shower is under the bed. Just press a button to raise the bed and the shower module appeared. It also has a pull-out bed in the dining room, a six-seater living room with two double sides, a full kitchen, and several storage spaces. It even allows you to store up to two bicycles. Its price starts from 85,000 euros.

Blucamp Ocean 525

Another motorhome designed to enjoy family vacations is this Italian model. It accommodates up to five people. It is spacious and has a division between the main bedroom and the living room. The bathroom, with sink and toilet, is separate from the shower. In addition, it has a central fixed double bed on the island at the rear and another tilting double bed in the central part.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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