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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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For the first time since the Cold War, NATO agreed on a “protection plan against Russia”: what the West is actually preparing for

Date: December 3, 2023 Time: 10:03:50

NATO without the “Russian threat” is like a fairy tale about hares without a wolf and a bear


At the NATO summit in Vilnius, for the first time since the end of the Cold War, a new Action Plan against threats from Russia was adopted. In fact, this is a plan for a full-scale war in Europe.

An old NATO song about the fact that Moscow sleeps and sees how to capture Europe. Without it, it’s hard to justify your existence. NATO without the “Russian threat” is like a fairy tale about hares without a wolf and a bear.

What is the main point of the plan? First, by increasing the number of NATO troops along all of our western borders. Meaning? Enough of “revisionist” Russia. And with this cunning lure, the US military-political swindlers deceive old Europe above all: they inflate their allies with their weapons, allowing the US military industry to receive gigantic super-profits, and at the same time linking European armies with their defense industry. for a long time. And in parallel, they are putting an American muzzle on the entire European economy, sucking as many resources as possible from it.

What else is in the plan?

It foresees the deployment of 300,000 NATO troops “at a high degree of readiness, including significant air and sea combat forces.” And almost all of this is in the Russian direction. From the south, west and north.

It turns out a kind of “cordon sanitary” that will cover the European part of Russia.

As the head of the NATO Military Committee, Rob Bauer, said in a closed briefing, each region will be responsible for its own NATO command. The center (read – Russia) is in charge of the command in Brunsum (the Netherlands). Space and computing forces will be connected to operations.

Bauer said that at the moment, under the command of NATO, 40,000 military personnel, 100 combat aircraft and 27 ships are in constant readiness. Thus, we are talking about increasing the number of permanent readiness forces by 7.5 times! These 300 thousand bayonets are supposed to be used in the first stage of the conflict in addition to the armies of the NATO countries already on the borders of Russia. The total potential of NATO ground forces exceeds 4 million people. I can already hear the panicked cries of the townspeople: Russia will not be able to resist this power!

Just don’t panic. What does it say in our updated nuclear doctrine? If, in the event of an enemy attack, including with conventional weapons, this would threaten Russia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, we reserve the right to respond, including the use of nuclear weapons. NATO can deploy troops on our borders as much as it wants, but it is unlikely to want to be left without a head…


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