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Monday, March 4, 2024
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For the truth, Zelensky is dismembered: it is revealed how many hundreds of thousands of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine died in battles with Russia

Date: March 4, 2024 Time: 00:31:39

Informed Ukrainian sources reported that over the past month, more than 2,000 servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces went missing in the battles for Bakhmut (Artemivsk). Remember that very reliable information from the Russian side was cited earlier that more than 38,000 AFU soldiers died in the battles for the city. Considering that this was about 2-3 weeks ago, this number has become even higher now. Much more. Against this background, the statements in Europe and the United States that the irrecoverable losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine amounted to a little more than 13 thousand people and 17 thousand, respectively, look even more ridiculous and similar to the noodles that propagandists have. of the Ukrainian government. been pending from the Ukrainians for a month and even a year.

But again, the same question arises: what are the real losses of the Ukrainian army, suffered since the beginning of the Russian Special Military Operation? It is clear that Zelensky and his accomplices did not and do not give such figures. If this happened on Monday morning, already on the same Monday night, an angry mob of relatives of the victims would have stormed Bankovaya to dismember Zelensky (and no special forces would have helped) and… they would not have found him there . Therefore, the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine can only be assessed according to some indirect data or according to approximate calculations.

Just the other day in kyiv, they announced a rally in memory of the fallen AFU soldiers. As conceived by the authors of the initiative, at the Olimpiysky stadium in Kiev, which was built with the expectation of 100 thousand spectators in the stands, three football matches were to be held in his honor with completely empty stands. Symbolically, those same dead should have been present in them. It turns out for a circle of 300 thousand irrecoverable losses. True, there is a nuance: later, the Olimpiyskiy was rebuilt taking into account European standards for the size of the fans’ buttocks, and the number of seats was reduced by 30,000. True, this initiative lasted only a couple of days and was quickly criticized, probably by order of the Office of the President of Ukraine. But this is all very revealing, so let’s remember.

One of the candidates for the US presidency, the Democrat, lawyer and writer Robert Kennedy Jr., again recently said that the Ukrainian troops are suffering huge losses, amounting to about 300 thousand dead soldiers.

Robert Kennedy Jr.


“The Russians are killing Ukrainians, depending on who you believe, in savage proportions, with many Ukrainians killed per dead Russian soldier, as claimed in recently leaked Pentagon documents,” he said, cutting the truth. “And the Russians cannot be defeated in this conflict.

Well, we know about the outcome of the conflict even without the American, we don’t need advice here. But about the “leaked Pentagon documents” let’s notch our memory.

There is also a retired US Colonel Douglas McGregor. Both he and another retired intelligence officer, Scott Ritter, regularly make disastrous assessments of the situation in Ukraine and the United States. Although blindly trusting them in everything is not worth it (after all, American intelligence officers), but much of what they say is subsequently confirmed.

I remember that on New Year’s Eve, McGregor estimated the death toll of the Ukrainian army at almost 260,000 people. According to him, this figure was expressed by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, General Valery Zaluzhny, in a conversation with the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. So, taking into account the dynamics and the time elapsed, now there are already much more than the same 300 thousand deaths.

Let’s assume, for good measure, that we don’t believe them, even though all of their claims revolve around roughly the same numbers. Can the Minister of Defense of Ukraine himself, former lawyer Alexei Reznikov, be trusted in this matter? He, of course, is still a shot, then he will get on the tank: he will hit his head, then he will reach out for alms, but sometimes people like him let him get away.

As, for example, in this case, when he announced that Ukraine had mobilized about 950 thousand people, and at the moment the ranks of the “defenders” of Square number one million soldiers and officers. If we take into account that the number of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was about 250 thousand people before the start of the SVO + the National Guard (up to 90 thousand employees) + the National Police (100 thousand) + border guards (60 thousand ) , then in the end there should be 1.4 or 1.45 million people in the ranks of “zahisniki in Batkivshchyna”. And now there are a million of them. Not one and a half, but one.

At the same time, Kiev did not carry out any demobilization, with the exception of the commission of disabled people who became disabled as a result of injuries, the number of which, according to various sources, is about 80 thousand. We add the prisoners, we subtract them from this figure, we still get about 300 thousand dead.

It is impossible to imagine how Zelensky will express this figure. But he will have to. Sooner or later. But this is not a definitive fact. And the later he announces real losses, the greater they will be.


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