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Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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For tourists and pilgrims: New routes along the paths that lead to the temples KXan 36 Daily News

Date: March 21, 2023 Time: 17:42:58

However, in recent years, pilgrimages have been added to the traditional tourist routes. A place of attraction for an increasing number of believers, both from Saratov and from other regions, has become the new St. Sergius Convent, which has existed for only a decade and a half, in the village of Alekseevka.

A beautiful shining white temple under green domes can be seen from all over the old town. In the festively elegant church, with the surrounding buildings and flower beds, it is now difficult to recognize the neglected and dilapidated building, captured on the frames of old films and photographs.

Built at the end of the century before last, the temple miraculously survived in the Soviet years. As the villagers remember, the chairman of the collective farm, the Hero of Socialist Labor, set up a barn there, thanks to which the building was not demolished, like other churches.

The history of the restoration of the temple is inextricably linked with the fate of the first abbess of the monastery, Mother Xenia.

Since 1990, when the temple was returned to the Orthodox diocese, several priests have changed here. However, no one undertook to restore the church, one of the largest in the region, too much effort was required for this. In 2004, Bishop Longin blessed the nun Xenia for this work. Four years earlier, the former journalist Vera Afanasyeva took the tonsure and was already involved in the restoration of the monastery in Pugachev.

A small, frail and seriously ill woman, with God’s help, completed a task that seemed beyond the power of others. She along with some sisters, with parishioners, little by little she restored the temple step by step. And in 2007, with the blessing of Patriarch Alexy, a convent was opened here.

As the Alekseevites say, the mother helped many people with advice, strengthened them in faith. The first abbess of the monastery passed away two years ago, but people continue to turn to her for help and support.

The spiritual feat of mother Xenia became an example for compatriots. Even during her lifetime, in the neighboring village of Ivanovka, the old church of St. John Chrysostom was revived and the monastery courtyard was opened.

The Church of the Nativity of Christ was built in the village of Staraya Zhukovka. In the vicinity of the village there is a spring consecrated in honor of the Holy Great Martyr Paraskeva Pyatnitsa. And in the neighboring village of Strigai, domes were raised over the temple that was being revived.

A special place in the land of Bazarnokarabulak is occupied by the small village of Lesnaya Neyelovka. It was here that the estate of Afanasy Stolypin, the most famous uncle in all of Russian literature, was located. The one to whom Mikhail Lermontov dedicated the heartfelt lines in the poem “Borodino”. Fate developed in such a way that the veteran survived the brilliant nephew from him. After the death of his older sister, the poet’s grandmother, Afanasy Stolypin moved from the estate in Tarkhany to Lesnaya Neelovka most of Lermontov’s personal belongings, including his lifetime portrait.

The Lermontov memorial room arranged by uncle, in fact, the first museum of the poet, was kept by the subsequent owners of the estate. This continued until the revolution of 1905, when the rebellious peasants burned the lord’s property. Only one photograph of the famous portrait has survived to this day. There are different versions about the fate of the image of the poet. Some local historians are convinced that there is still hope of finding the portrait.

But the Church of St. John the Theologian on Lesnaya Neelovka, also completely destroyed at the beginning of the last century, was restored thanks to the efforts of local residents. Now there are services.


Abbess of the Convent of San Sergio Sergio:

– Many, it seems to me, come here for silence, which is very difficult to find elsewhere, in a restless world. And here it feels.

A person can leave all his worries and be at least a little alone with himself and with God. Think about your life, how fleeting it is and what awaits him.

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