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Thursday, June 8, 2023
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Foreign car owners turned off mobile applications: what will the Russians lose

Date: June 8, 2023 Time: 10:17:04

So what will we lose even if all foreign automakers take mobile apps for us on and off?

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Russian motorists have another reason to worry: foreign automakers from hostile countries have announced the closure of their mobile apps in Russia. We understand what we will lose because of this.

“Yes, in fact, Nissan, like Renault, is the same group, it turned off its mobile applications for Russian users,” confirmed Major Auto, which is the official dealer of several foreign cars and where the author turned to buy a new car. .

Who else turned it off: Skoda, Infiniti, Land Rover, Jaguar. This was reported by the Autonews.ru portal with reference to the Avtodom dealership. I called Avtodom, but they refused to talk to KP.RU on this issue. No official comment was given at some other major dealerships. This is understandable. Any information that something is missing from the car negatively affects buying activity, which is already low due to high car prices.

In the near future, Porsche mobile applications may also be disabled, writes Autonews.ru. Motorists complain about interruptions in the work of the Mercedes Me app. But BMW and Audi, they say, everything is in order.


So what will we lose even if all foreign automakers take mobile apps for us on and off?

– Each manufacturer has its own set of functions in the application, – the manager of Major Auto explained to the author. – In Nissan, for example, through the application you can track the location of the car, check if it is open or closed, start the engine remotely. But you can track the location of the car on the smartphone screen using anti-theft systems. You can also start the engine for heating from the key if you are within 50 meters, for example, from the balcony. But from Reutov it is really impossible to warm up the car in the center of Moscow …

That is sad, very sad.

– Automotive mobile applications are not very popular, it tends to zero, moreover, there are a lot of negative reviews, so consumer dependence on these applications is extremely low, – Dmitry Savchenko, Director of Development and IT Technologies at FreshAuto, confirmed. to KP.RU. – Therefore, we must treat such information calmly and proceed from the fact that if companies leave Russia, then it is logical that they will eventually stop serving their applications. You can also find out about traffic jams and sign up for the service through other applications. Here are the facts about our customers: less than 5 percent register through automatic “brand” applications, mainly through the website, Yandex or call.

In fact, car mobile apps are not very popular.

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The “network lock” of foreign cars has another side of the problem – repairs.

“Foreign car manufacturers have also disabled software used in car repairs,” auto expert Andrey Lomanov told KP.RU. – The computer connects to the car, makes diagnostics and analyzes the malfunction. For example, when the “Check Engine” indicator lights up on the panel. The main servers of such software are located abroad.

Access to the main server is necessary not only for diagnostics and repairs, but also in case you lose the key, for example. In the official service center you will be given an electronic key, but this is just a blank, and in order for the machine to recognize and obey it, you need to “bind” this key to the machine through the software.

What’s next?

“In fact, manufacturers are reducing support for software used in car repair,” confirmed Dmitry Savchenko. – All these programs depend on European servers, and if the company stops its presence in Russia, then there is no access to these servers.

However, official and unofficial service centers have long learned to get around this obstacle, the expert immediately assured.

– They use VPN (this is the same free service that allows, for example, to use social networks officially closed to Russians – Ed.), As well as various other systems for accessing this software, – says Savchenko. – This is not a problem anymore. So, in any specialized Russian service they will “prescribe” the car key and carry out diagnostics, the masters have already adapted for a long time, and this will not affect the quality of service in any way.


But after all, many cars come to us by way of parallel imports, and this gives hope.

– It is quite possible that support for mobile applications will work, for example, on Kazakh or Dubai machines, – Savchenko did not rule out.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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