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Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Fortune telling on scents: find out who, where and how you will meet in 2023

Date: May 30, 2024 Time: 23:08:21

Think of a number from 1 to 10, and the aromas will tell you under what circumstances you will celebrate the New Year.

Text: Marina Syutaeva

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His New Years itinerary is Paris. Taste absinthe in the street bars and remember the famous paintings by artists with the “green fairy” in the main roles (Picasso, Degas, Manet, Van Gogh). A fragrance with a note of absinthe, with which the chords of iris and cinnamon try to argue, insist and tune.



A citrusy and spicy fougere heralds an Italian trip. Parma, Mantua, Milan, Rimini: following in the footsteps of Basinio Basini, the poet of the Renaissance. A rich composition with notes of lemon/orange/bergamot, cumin, moss, birch, ylang-ylang is dedicated to him. Why Basini? Perfume V Canto is a tribute to Sigismondo Malatesta, ruler, warrior, prototype of Barba Azul. And the poet Basini was for some time his court writer. Here is such a story.



Welcome to Oman. Or Yemen. Here and there, on dry, stony soils under the scorching sun, the boswellia frankincense tree grows, from which the fragrant frankincense resin is obtained. In honor of this resin, also known as olibanum, the French perfumer Gérald Ghilan created a brand with the same name. I included an olibanum note in each of the fragrances. In the composition of Sacra, this fragrant ingredient coexists with fir balsam and musk.

Pack champagne, glasses, tangerines in your backpack and head into the forest – the so-called Un Bois fragrances, whose name in French actually means “forest” or “tree”. The smell of trees and wet earth in the composition is conveyed by notes of cedar, vetiver, black pepper and bergamot.



His New Year, if it doesn’t happen, will at least start in Venice, the homeland of Luca Gritti and his many ancestors, including doges, military leaders and creative personalities. The word Seta is translated from Italian as “silk”, and the fragrance sounds like this: suggestive with powdery shades of iris and violet, bright with a raspberry note.



You got the Royal Garden fragrance, which is actually not a garden, but a tropical jungle. Humid air, weaves of juicy green lianas, extravagant flowers and almost ripe exotic fruits – such an impression is created by a composition with notes of pineapple and apple, jasmine and rose, nutmeg and oak moss.

We promise you: you will hear the sound of the ocean. A long flight is not necessary, it is enough to press a large seashell against the ear, as strangely curved as the inner ear. By the way, here is his image on the bottle – an octopus washed ashore or a mysterious maze. The author of the brand, Dorothy Duret, decided to embody the five human senses in her fragrances, and woody-spicy, with creamy and powdery tones, L’Ouïe is dedicated to the ear.

The stars, and the warm scent of amber along with them, indicate that you will spend New Year’s Eve in meditation. Sit down, put on some relaxing music or even a soothing “colored” noise: pink, blue or brown (search YouTube, you’ll be pleasantly surprised). On pulse points, apply Myrrh Magnificent – enveloping, white, fluffy.



Its main direction in the New Year is oriental, says the sweet aroma of vanilla and musk, reminiscent of all oriental sweets at once. Matte slices of Turkish delight with rose water and powdered vanilla sugar. Layered baklava bathed in syrup. Threads of sugar melting in the writing of the language. What do you think of this New Year’s gastronomic scenario?



Judging by the difficult name of the fragrance, you will meet the New Year in a status institution: stucco on the ceiling, gilding on the walls, a designer Christmas tree in huge silver balls. Put on your best and don’t hesitate to shine: a warm, spicy and moderately sweet composition with notes of calendula, saffron, jasmine and hints of musk.



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