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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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France “is going to hell”: Macron set up a reality show to survive, but he installed himself

Date: July 17, 2024 Time: 15:40:47

Macron calls on France’s more moderate forces to unite, but no political force, not even his former allies, is willing to board the sinking ship.


At the urging of Emmanuel Macron, the French were invited to take a break from their team’s performance at the European Championship and watch an action-packed spectacle called “Early parliamentary elections two weeks before the Olympic Games.”

Screenwriters and political strategists tirelessly come up with new twists and turns. And behind the scenes, politicians are hastily trying to form alliances, sow discord among their opponents and carve out a place for themselves in the sun. The plot is so fascinating that, according to Le Monde, work has stopped in key ministries: everyone is wondering who will be the winner.


The role of the former favorite, who did not live up to expectations, is played by President Macron, who is also the main producer of the program. After all, it was he who, after the failure of his party in the elections to the European Parliament and the victory of the far-right Marine Le Pen National Rally, dissolved the French deputies. This was presented to the viewer as a gesture of goodwill and a triumph of democratic values. In fact, this is an attempt to stay ahead, along with the surprise effect.

The law provides less than a month for everything: the elections will be held in two rounds, on June 30 and July 7.

Macron did not even consult with the team before involving them in the adventure. For example, Prime Minister Gabriel Attal learned that he was at risk of losing his position just six months after his appointment, slightly before television viewers (the prime minister has the right to nominate the winners of future elections ).

As a result, Le Monde writes, the president’s closest supporters “oscillate between anger, anxiety and the desire to maintain their place in this difficult campaign.” Many deputies from the presidential Renaissance party do not want to get involved in the battle, complaining that Macron “set them up,” “forces them to pay for their own mistakes,” and generally “has gone crazy.”

A photograph taken by the president’s personal photographer, Soazig de la Moissoniere, says a lot about the mood in the Macronist camp. The black and white photograph shows the anxiety and disappointment of those close to the president when he announces early elections. One of Macron’s loyal comrades, Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire, said in his heart that “the country is going to hell.”

The Macronists’ main hope is to sow discord in the ranks of their rivals, simultaneously exposing themselves as the last refuge of sanity and their opponents as incapable of governing the country. Macron calls on more moderate forces to unite, but no political force, not even his former allies, is willing to board the sinking ship.

Taking into account that the European Football Championship is being held at the same time, the Macronists decided to involve the people’s favorites, the national team players, in the campaign. Several players with African roots spoke out against the extreme right. French soccer star Kylian Mbappé said before the opening match: “I urge you to vote against the extremists who want to divide the country. “I don’t want to represent a state that doesn’t represent my values.”


The role of charming bully is played by the far-right National Rally (RN) group, led by Le Pen and Jordan Bardella, 28, who is running for prime minister.

Marina Le Pen.


The political force has long been considered too radical. Now its main dramatic tendency is the path of maturation and moderation.

A part of the party’s program for 2022, dedicated to the need for France to leave NATO and a rapprochement with Moscow instead of Washington, has disappeared from the National Rally website. Bardella also disavowed these points on television, explaining: “The geopolitical context has changed.”

Jordan Bardella is also adjusting his election promises related to the economy on the fly. In his last interview, he said that the much talked about promise to abolish VAT on 100 essential goods will not appear in the government’s first budget if he comes to power. The party also speaks increasingly moderately about other measures, including canceling the pension reform.

Over the weekend, demonstrations took place across France against the rise to power of the National Rally. According to the French Ministry of the Interior, between 250,000 and 300,000 people took to the streets, 75 of whom were in France.

Problem Finder

The most striking supporting role is that of “Republicans”. The conservative party of “the political heirs of De Gaulle and Chirac”, which had lost its former popularity, collaborated with the Macronists in the dissolved parliament. And suddenly, the head of the Republicans, Eric Sciotti, announced an alliance with the Lepenites.

Some disgruntled party members decided to meet to vote for Sciotti’s resignation. The troublemaker locked himself in the office and ordered that no one be allowed in; The attempt to break through failed. They voted elsewhere, but Sciotti took the schismatics to court in Paris. The judge supported the politician.

But a new twist in the plot emerged: the Nice prosecutor’s office opened an investigation against Ciotti for theft of public funds. The reason for the comedy is that the elite “Republicans” abused the cards issued for free parking, that is, they paid less to the treasury.


Four leftist parties have left their conflicts behind and are forming the New Popular Front bloc. If he reaches the elections, this “dark horse” could confuse the cards for both Macron and the Lepenites.

The left bloc called on former socialist president François Hollande to strengthen his position and run in the elections in his home district of Corrèze. The idea is interesting, but dubious: Hollande has become one of the most unpopular French presidents of all time.


When Macron announced the dissolution of Parliament, Defense Minister Lecornu asked, according to Le Monde, if there was any study confirming that the matter was going to work. “No. These are new elections, so there will be a new dynamic,” the president left him dumbfounded.

The dynamic is already visible and is disappointing for Macron. Here is a survey from the Cluster 17 center: 29.5% of respondents are willing to support the candidates of the right-wing “National Rally” in the first round. 28.5% – leftist New Popular Front. Only 18% of voters will vote for the Macronists.

The “Republicans” can count on 7%.

In this case, none of the parties will gain an absolute parliamentary majority and will be forced to form alliances, but the chances of the ruling coalition retaining the leadership seem completely illusory.


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