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Saturday, January 28, 2023
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France will issue coupons for the purchase of firewood KXan 36 Daily News

Date: January 28, 2023 Time: 10:42:55

The French, who earn up to 2,260 euros per person and up to 4,750 euros for a couple with two children, will be able to receive an “energy check”, said the Minister of Public Accounts, Gabriel Attal.

Until April 30, 2023, French citizens eligible for the program (approximately 2.6 million households) can apply for vouchers on the relevant website. The amount of financial assistance for the purchase of firewood will be calculated according to the income and marital status of the applicants. The first coupons should be sent to consumers from mid-February 2023, Ouest-France specifies.

The type of wood also influences the amount of help. French people who heat their homes with pallets will be eligible for a 200-euro bonus if they are destitute, the French economy ministry said. For families with average income, a check will be issued for the value of 100 euros. Only wealthy or very wealthy households will not be eligible.

For those who heat their houses with simple firewood, the aid will be 100 euros for the poor and 50 euros for the rest. Here again, “rich or very wealthy” households will not be eligible to receive the voucher, the government said.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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