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Friends: about the singer’s new love: Polina Gagarina stole her husband from a friend

Date: June 19, 2024 Time: 00:21:56

Polina and her new lover Stanislav Mikov (right) have been performing on the same stage for five years.

Photo: Alexey BULATOV

Polina Gagarina never speaks frankly with reporters about her personal life. The 36-year-old artist rarely gives interviews, and if she does, it’s more about her harmony secrets than battles on the love front.

Polina has been married twice. The singer’s first husband was actor Peter Kislov.

In August 2007, the couple got married. For 20-year-old Polina, marriage was the first, for Peter – already the second. On October 14 of the same year, her son Andrei was born. However, not having lived in marriage for three years, the couple divorced. Both from the creative world, artists could not live together under the same roof.

Vyacheslav Eskov became the first civil husband of the star.


The second official husband of Polina was the photographer Dmitry Iskhakov. In this marriage, Gagarina had a daughter, Mia. Unfortunately, this union ended in divorce. After six years of marriage, Gagarin and Iskhakov broke up. And not without scandals. Iskhakov was not happy that Polina began to appear almost immediately in the company of music producer Vladimir Chinyaev. They did not officially confirm their romance, but Gagarina’s ex-husband was offended that Polina, without her knowledge, together with her little daughter, was on vacation in Dubai with Chinyaev. At the same time, Dmitry noted that he still treats Gagarina’s eldest son with warmth. Over the years, Andrei became a family for her, and after the divorce they did not break off communication. Yes, and with Polina Iskhakov he finally managed to make peace. In the artist’s recent solo album, Dmitry was seen in the singer’s family box, where he watched the concert with the children and Polina’s mother.

Former husband Dmitry Iskhakov helps the singer to raise children.


they worked together

Immediately after the solo album, a new scandal broke out. As it turned out, the artist broke up with sound producer Vladimir Chinyaev, who worked on his tracks, and began an affair with a 35-year-old dancer from Yoshkar-Ola, Stas Mikov. The most interesting thing is that Mikov has been working in Polina’s team for more than five years.

Three months ago, the guy posted happy photos on social networks with his wife, dancer Oksana Stratulat. And then – sudden photos from the paparazzi: happy Gagarina, together with Mikov, hand in hand, walk in the park with the artist’s son. However, Mikov and Gagarina did not comment on their relationship.

A little later, but vaguely, this was done by the dancer’s wife, Oksana Stratulat.

“Friends! I understand what you’re feeling and thanks for writing to me… But the last thing I need right now is to talk about family. It’s personal. Sorry for not responding to anyone. Thank you to everyone who has remained sincerely indifferent. Thank you for your understanding,” Mikova’s wife wrote on her blog.

“The Romance Began A Long Time Ago”

The dancer’s acquaintances suspect that the affair with the singer ended their marriage.

– Oksana, like Stas, dances in a group with Polina. Her marriage seemed to be perfect. They were both friends of Polina, they spent a lot of time outside of work. Stas has a good sense of humor, he is the soul of the company. It is surprising that Stas’s romance with Polina began so unexpectedly, after five years of working together and friendship, Stas’s friend Mikov told KP. – Although Polina is very loving. She is attracted to creative men, it is difficult to imagine a businessman next to her.

“I think this romance started a long time ago, it’s just that no one knew about it, Gagarina hid it,” he argues in a conversation with Denis Sorokin, an expert on the “Let them talk” program, TV presenter and journalist. KP. – Well, what do you want, it’s show business. Polina used to meet all her men at work. She starting with her first common-law husband, Slava Yeskov, with whom they lived under the same roof for more than a year. There was a very harmonious couple: he is a singer from Kursk, he came to conquer Moscow and fell in love with his classmate in Gnesinka, Polina Gagarina. He idolized her. But she considered that Slava was not a bird of her flight. She dumped her boyfriend as soon as her career took off. Glory later barely survived this blow. She then sang in the new composition of the Prime Minister’s group, but now she disappeared somewhere … She always remembered Polina with great sadness. Perhaps due to the fact that Gagarina later left Yeskov, now her personal life does not add up, the spouses change like gloves. Slava was faithful and sincere. It is a pity that Polina did not appreciate it.

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