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From cradle to salary: Zhukov’s children help in the confectionery, and Dzhigan’s daughter has her own business

Date: July 13, 2024 Time: 19:54:30

Sergei Zhukov with his family. Nick’s daughter. She wives Regina. Mirón Son. Son Angel. (from left to right). Photo: t.me/sezhukovrv

Many people believe that having famous parents automatically means receiving many privileges. Maybe. But in some stellar families, children start working almost from the cradle.

Heirs of the vocalist of the group “Manos Arriba!”: cinema, theater and desserts

In the second marriage of Sergei Zhukov with the former soloist of the “Slivki” group Regina Burd, four children were born. And almost all of them are already making money. Miron, nine years old, helps his parents in the family bakery. By the way, the production volumes there are important: 80 thousand desserts per month. The child is entrusted with a small but important job.

– Myron sits with the decorating girls to eat gingerbread cookies and makes eyes for the snowmen. How much you did, how much you earned. At night he receives his salary. “He is happy and understands that the work is paid,” Zhukov said in an interview. – And the older children, Nika, 15, and Angel, 13, have been performing in the state theater for several years. There they have an official salary, even if it is minimal.

But that is not all. Ángel, for example, also works as a voice actor. Uncle Fyodor speaks in his voice in the new TV series “Prostokvashino”. The guy earns good money for voice acting. For example, a teenager was paid 100 thousand rubles for 26 recorded programs. He gave more than half of this amount to his parents and the rest to his grandmothers so they could go on vacation.

Nika recently starred in the musical drama “Crybaby”, where she played a girl named Masha, who is bullied by her peers. In order to film, Nika had to learn to play the guitar and sing. By the way, Nika approaches her fees very rationally: she spends part, saves part, and, of course, participates in replenishing the family budget.

Due to the enormous workload of the projects, Sergei Zhukov’s children switched to home education.

– Regina and I always support the children’s choice. We will never force you or advise you to choose anything else, as children reveal their talent for singing or acting,” says the singer.

Artem Arshavin: host of the event

TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya had to raise her children, Artem, Yana and Arseny, alone. Her ex-husband, footballer Andrei Arshavin, started another family and was in no hurry to shell out money for the children from her first marriage. Julia had a successful career in television and was easily able to support her children. But they are not standing idly by either. The boys perform on stage and participate in advertising sessions for fashion brands.

Artem Arshavin and Yulia Baranovskaya.

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

Artem, Yulia’s eldest son, received his first income at the age of 12. For his participation in the English-language opera “Billy Bad” he was paid 27 thousand rubles. Artem also organizes several events together with his famous mother. The duo is a success, the boy even has his own director. According to some reports, 18-year-old Yulia and Artem charge about a million rubles for organizing the holiday.

Andrei Arshavin was in no hurry to shell out money for the children from his first marriage.


– My biggest personal incident is when they say that my son leads better than me. But it’s true,” the television presenter admitted to KP.

Gnome Gnomych: from the manger on skates

Perhaps the most famous child in show business can be called Gnome Gnomych. This nickname was given to his son Alexander by producer Yana Rudkovskaya and figure skater Evgeni Plushenko. Now Sasha is already 11 years old and knows very well the value of work. A boy skates in ice shows.

Sasha Plushenko is 11 years old and knows very well the value of work. A boy skates in ice shows. Photo: Evgeni Plushenko’s personal page on social networks.

– Sometimes I suck, but that’s if I’m sick. But no more! I train everyday. Except Sunday. Sunday is a free day for everyone at the skating rink. Two other weekends, the other days there are two training sessions,” Alejandro said in an interview.

Plushenko Jr. earns approximately 12 million rubles. in the year. He received the first million from him at the age of five. All thanks to participation in my father’s ice shows and advertising contracts.

Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeni Plushenko.


– If it were not for a coincidence, the figure would have increased. He has a large number of international contracts. She is in the same French agency as Natalia Vodianova. In addition to a large number of sponsors who, thank God, have not gone anywhere,” Rudkovskaya said in the program “The Secret of a Million.”

Yana also said that her son opened a savings account at a bank in France. Until Gnome Gnomych turns 18, no one has the right to withdraw money from there. Each month the couple receives a report on the funds in the account.

Vitaly Gogunsky’s daughter tours and blogs.

Vitaly Gogunsky was remembered by viewers for his role as Kuzya in the television series “Univer”. In 2010, model Irina Mairko gave birth to her daughter Milana.

Milana has a blog. 7 million people follow her on various social networks. And many companies offer it to advertise their products and services. Photo: t.me/milana_offi

The girl turned 14 in February.

Now the daughter and father have a difficult relationship, they don’t see each other. But it was Vitaly who first took her on stage when Milana was only 4 years old. In the program “One to One” they sang the song “Mirrors” together, parodying Ani Lorak and Grigory Leps. And then a crisis arose in the family.

– Lack of money, divorce, depression – at that moment the man I loved said he didn’t believe in me. This motivated me to do something crazy: not caring about the fear and uncertainty, having calculated all the risks, I went to my parents and asked for help. Mom and dad agreed to sell the apartment in Cherepovets, thus giving them the opportunity to invest in Milana’s first solo exhibition, “Not a Little One,” says Irina Mairko, Milana’s mother and producer.

The bold step was not in vain: the show worked. In 2022, Milana released a video for the song “LP” together with Milana Khametova. After five months, it had more than 73 million views. Now Milana is known by the name Milana Star.

Vitaly Gogunsky.


And the girl also writes a blog. 7 million people follow her on various social networks. And many companies offer it to advertise their products and services.

Rapper Dzhigan’s daughter: selling cosmetics.

The rapper and his wife have four children. The couple’s eldest daughter, Ariela, is already 12 years old and has her own small business related to cosmetics. No, the girl doesn’t produce anything, she sells. Ariela collects boxes with cosmetics from famous brands, creating specific sets. According to rumors, this activity brings a schoolgirl up to 20 thousand rubles per week. In addition, Dzhigan’s children are actively striving in the field of blogging.

Ariela is 12 years old and has her own small business. Photo: t.me/samoilovaariela

Angelina-Letizia: fashion design

“House-2” star Victoria Bonya and the son of Irish millionaire Alex Smurfit named their daughter after Hollywood diva Angelina Jolie. Now the girl is almost 12 years old and she already has her own fashion brand. It all started when Angelina wanted a certain model of top and she couldn’t find it anywhere.

Bonya and Angelina will develop the brand together. Photo: Victoria Boni’s personal page on social networks.

“The daughter asked her subscribers to sew it, and suddenly the idea came to her to create her own clothing line,” says Victoria Bonya. – Dad is ready to help her develop.

It should be noted that Boni’s ex-husband is not at all generous. Victoria has complained more than once that Alex is in no hurry to even pay child support for her. And there is a whole business here.

It is clear that Bonya and her daughter will develop the brand together. It already has a name: Modern Angel. Of course, it is too early to talk about income, but the first step has already been taken.

Semyon Semin: advertising and fashion shows.

Evelina Bledans’ son was born with Down syndrome. But her mother did everything possible so that the boy had an interesting and eventful life.

Semyon received the first advertising contract in his life in six months.


Almost from birth, Semyon appeared with his mother at premieres, performances and talk shows. Some even began to accuse the actress of trying to make money from the child’s illness. Evelina always responds to such statements: her goal is not money. She just wants to support families with children like this and show her parents that you can live life to the fullest.

Evelina Bledans.


When Semyon was only six months old, he received the first advertising contract in his life and became a model for a famous diaper brand.

– Semyon films a lot. He understands that filming and broadcasting is already his job, so he tries to be obedient,” Evelina said in an interview.

Last fall, Semyon Semin hit the runway during children’s fashion week. He showed models from leading Russian designers. By the way, the public often gives flowers and gifts to 11-year-old Semyon.

Timofey Priluchny: from toy royalties to TV series

Timofey is the son of actors Pavel Priluchny and Agata Muceniece. Now the couple is divorced and Pavel has a new family. And when the family horizon was clear, the actors and their son often participated in filming together. These included commercial projects and several photo shoots for fashion magazines. Of course, the boy didn’t really understand that this was not a game, but a job. For filming he was entitled to remuneration in toys.

Timofey Priluchny and Agata Muceniece. Photo: Agata Muceniece’s personal page on social networks.

As he grew up, Timofey began to participate in the filming of television series. For example, for participation in the project “You are a mother”, a child (who is now 11 years old) received 80 thousand rubles.

Pavel Priluchny.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV


Fur coat for a six-year-old girl.

Oleg Gazmanov’s children also began to earn money from a young age. Daughter Marianna, after participating in a fashion show, received a fur coat as payment. She was only 6 years old then. And Felipe received money for his artistic work; he draws well.

Stefania Malikova, at the age of 12, starred with her father in an advertisement for a cosmetics company and received a fee of 40 thousand rubles. The girl kept them in her piggy bank and then spent them during her trip to the United States. Now the girl is 24 years old and makes money with her own brand of scarves.

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