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Sunday, February 25, 2024
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From the New Year – to start living in a new way

Date: February 25, 2024 Time: 18:57:56

Ekaterina Golovkova, expert, official representative of Rospotrebnadzor, deputy director of the Center for Hygienic Education of the Population, information curator of the Healthy Eating project

New Year – as the quintessence of every Monday. And January 1 is the most popular time to start a new life.

Ekaterina Golovkova, our expert, official representative of Rospotrebnadzor, deputy director of the Center for Hygienic Education of the Population, information curator of the Healthy Eating project, tells how to help yourself change for the better.

The year is recognized by many as an important milestone, which correlates with the scale of life. And it seems that with the beginning of the next big period, you can become a different person.

Do not deny yourself the fulfillment of such a wonderful desire!

Here are some simple steps to make your lifestyle healthier and more mindful, allowing you to become slimmer and happier with yourself.

Decide on a new goal

Don’t try to embrace the immensity, start from the beginning, with new habits. It is impossible to do everything at once, be patient. A well-established new habit is worth a lot, even if there is only one.

So, your desire is to lose weight and feel better.

Instead of making a list of fad diets, start sticking to the principles of healthy eating. Diets are a temporary measure, not always safe for health. That is, the wording will be correct: do not lose weight, but start eating right.

Specific Actions: Product Selection

It is very important to determine what specific daily actions will lead you to the desired result. First, let’s talk about the choice of products.

1. Limit salty foods, sweets, sausages, smoked meats, alcohol.

2. Replace highly processed foods with natural ones.

3. Introduce more vegetables and fruits into the diet: fresh, frozen, canned (make sure that there is not a lot of salt and sugar in the composition).

4. Choose whole grains: brown rice, oatmeal, buckwheat, spelt, whole wheat bread, durum wheat pasta.

5. Buy low-fat dairy products.

6. Make sure your diet has enough protein. Eat fish, eggs, lean meats and poultry, red and white beans, peas, nuts.

7. Use different oils (containing polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids): corn, sunflower, olive, soybean, rapeseed. The norm is 2 tablespoons a day to dress salads or cook.

On the healthy-food.rf site you can find many simple and healthy recipes with affordable products and “correct” cooking methods from the point of view of improving the diet.

When I eat, I only eat

Consciously it is worth approaching not only the preparation of the menu, the choice of products, but also the process of eating itself. You can cook the right food, but eat it while thinking about strange things; this will greatly reduce the profit. The digestion process “turns on in the head”, and only then the whole cascade of enzymes and hormones enters.

When we sit at the table, it is better to put away all the appliances and focus on the food. And another important rule – you need to swallow only perfectly homogeneous food. When food is chewed well, the body absorbs it better and the feeling of satiety lasts longer.

Get support from your loved ones

Man is a collective being, our habits depend to a large extent on the environment. At first it is possible to join with someone who is willing to share his principles.

If the family has a cult of food, constantly overeating, then it can be difficult to establish new rules on your own. The environment can regress. Here it is important to explain to your loved ones why it is important for you to change and to get their support. Of course, it is better for the whole family to eat well. But if there are difficulties with this, try to make sure that loved ones do not interfere, but do not forget about tact.

After a while, perhaps your example will inspire other people to follow the rules of healthy eating. And that means becoming slim, full, happy.

Motivate your loved one

The time to develop a new habit is believed to be 21-28 days. You can even keep a “diary of a new life.” For example, mark on the calendar all the days that you followed the rules of a healthy diet. Add emotional food, some kind of reward. Praise yourself after the day you have lived: you can say in front of the mirror that you are proud of yourself, that you are doing well.

And after a month of following the rules, healthy eating will become your full-fledged habit. So you can congratulate yourself and please yourself with something pleasant.

I wish you a Happy New Year! May it bring you a change for the better!

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