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Tuesday, January 31, 2023
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From the rise of the Euribor to the CPI: the year 2022 in 9 graphs

Date: January 31, 2023 Time: 02:26:11

Gasoline price summary year 2022

We Spaniards have spent 2022 thinking about how to save in the shopping basket, in electricity, in heating, in the gas station… Despite the fact that in recent weeks both gasoline and diesel are setting the prices more Low throughout the year, it remains to be seen how much drivers will notice at the end of the month the withdrawal of the Government bonus of 20 cents per liter on each refueling. Since the news broke until today, some gas stations have had to hang the ‘No gasoline’ sign in the face of the avalanche of drivers who did not want to arrive on January 1 with a half-full tank and pay a few extra euros from 2023 They will enjoy the discount of the carriers. This measure has prevented the price of a liter of gasoline from breaking the two-euro barrier between June and July, coinciding with the period of maximum tension and volatility in international markets. Even so, gasoline reached its all-time high in the week of June 20, when it reached 1,941 euros per liter. In the case of diesel, the liter will have exceeded two euros for five weeks in a row. However, even applying the discount, it will reduce its highest levels in the week of June 27, standing, on average, at 1.9 euros per liter.

Nerea from Bilbao (Infographic)

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