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Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Galkin* and Zemfira* are losing millions due to foreign agent status

Date: February 24, 2024 Time: 09:16:58

Now Zemfira lives in Paris, sometimes giving concerts in European countries. Photo: Person Stars

Two artists who left the country after the start of the SVO filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation last week. Comedian Maxim Galkin and singer Zemfira went to court demanding that they be removed from the register of foreign agents. Why did the stars, openly criticizing Russia and the special operation, suddenly decide to get rid of this state?

– They want to remove themselves from the status of foreign agent to act here, collect premises and earn money in our country. Otherwise, the State Duma is preparing a bill that prohibits foreign agents from making money in Russia, publicist Mikhail Shakhnazarov reflects on his YouTube show “Full Paragraph”.

Don’t go there, don’t guide

It seems that it is. The status of foreign agent carries great restrictions.

“For example, this is the need to provide a detailed report on activities, foreign sources, the amount of money and other property received from these sources, including bank accounts,” lawyer Maya Shevtsova explained to KP. – If we talk about restrictions, then, most likely, it was precisely such prohibitions that made the situation for artists more difficult. A foreign agent does not have the right to be the organizer of a public event, to carry out educational activities in relation to minors. In addition, persons with this status are subject to the restrictions and prohibitions provided for by the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, including those relating to the application of the simplified tax system. Galkin, whose main activity was working on television (the artist hosted, for example, the children’s show “Best of All”), lost his main source of income and had problems with tax accounting.

“Money’s Out”

The owner of the show and event agency, Dmitry Pisarev, suggests that it is not just about working on television. With the assignment of foreign agent status, artists lost the opportunity to earn money at corporate parties. Galkin often led such parties, receiving an average of 8 million rubles or more for an entertainer. And Zemfira was one of the highest paid singers in the country with earnings of 16 million rubles for a private concert.

– I think that they lost millions, which they earned not only at corporate parties, but also at official concerts, – Dmitry Pisarev believes. – Apparently, the money has run out, so they want to get rid of the foreign agent status to expand the geography of their concerts. Zemfira is a singer who sings mainly in Russian, it is clear that she has few listeners abroad. And in Russia, with our all-forgiving people, she can collect full houses. If we compare these two artists, then Zemfira, unlike Galkin, did not pour mud in our country. Therefore, if the status of a foreign agent is suddenly removed from the singer, she will be in demand.

Galkin’s jokes about Russia are getting angrier.


But Maxim Galkin, who ridicules Russia and the Russians at his concerts abroad, will not see forgiveness, according to the showman.

“People react very aggressively to jokes that Galkin makes from Israel about our country,” explains Dmitry Pisarev. -But Galkin did not get out of Russian television all these years, he appeared on all federal channels and earned fabulous money. Maxim got all he could of his popularity, and now he’s spewing mud at the country that made him a star. I am convinced that even if Galkin’s foreign agent status is removed, people will react negatively to this person. If we now arrange a Maxim concert in one of the Russian cities, I don’t know who will laugh at whom. I think people will boycott his performances. Galkin has only one way out – repentance. If he comes to his senses and apologizes for his words, then this is another matter. But while Galkin does not think to change his views.

*Recognized in the Russian Federation as foreign agents.

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