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Saturday, April 1, 2023
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Garamendi closes ranks with Del Pino and criticizes Sánchez’s attack on the company

Date: April 1, 2023 Time: 17:23:04

The relationship between businessmen and the Government is not going through its best moment. The transfer of Ferrovial’s headquarters from Spain to the Netherlands on the grounds of greater access to financing and the US market is not helping either. Clean In this context, of growing mistrust, the president of the CEOE employers’ association Antonio Garamendi has reacted to the words of the Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez in Copenhagen in which he criticized the decision of the construction group and mentioned its president Rafael del Pino. For Garamendi, pointing out, with names and surnames, Del Pino generates “distrust” among investors. Some statements that he has made during an interview on Onda Cero, reports EP.

In his opinion, the problem is not so much that the company is blamed as that specific people with names and surnames are mentioned. “You look at people, you look for people and you try to destroy people”, denounced the president of CEOE in reference to the criticism that members of the Government (especially from the Podemos wing) have made towards businessmen such as Juan Roig (Mercadona) or Amancio Ortega, founder of Inditex.

No more Ferrovial cases

In any case, Garamendi is not aware that there are other companies tempted to follow Ferrovial’s path, but he has reiterated his request for “respect” for the company and “even more respect” for the company’s businessmen: “Hopefully in Spain would have had more Rafaeles del Pino, father and son,” he added.

Along these lines, Garamendi has defended the role of businessmen. “Imagine a Juan Roig or an Amancio Ortega in each province of Spain, it would be wonderful”, pointed out the president of the CEOE, who has warned that the daily messages of “punishment” to companies by a minister or minister generates a “very large lack of confidence” message. A reference not only to the recent departure of several ministers criticizing Ferrovial but also to the usual criticism from Podemos and some of its representatives in the Executive.

In any case, in line with what happened with Ferrovial, the highest representative of the businessmen has pointed out that, “at this time, Spanish companies are looking at the North American market as a market for the future because it gives them more confidence” and he believes that Spain keep the business sector “among cotton”.

On whether the companies have done “very well” with the Executive of Pedro Sánchez, as assured by ministers such as the First Vice President of the Government, Nadia Calviño, Garamendi has responded that what businessmen want is a government “that generates legal certainty, regulatory stability, standard quality and trust”. In this sense, he added that “I would ask for a return to tranquility and moderation.”

Sánchez Llibre asks for a “sincere reflection”

For his part, the president of Foment del Treball, Josep Sánchez Llibre, who had not yet commented on the current economic issue, has asked the Spanish government for a “sincere reflection” on Ferrovial’s decision to seek solutions in the face of a possible cascading effect that may be generated among other Spanish companies.

He said it this Friday in statements to journalists after a colloquium organized by the employers’ association and PwC under the title ‘Energy challenges in an uncertain environment’ and in which the president of Naturgy, Francisco Reynés, and the partner responsible for the consultant in Catalonia and Andorra, Ignacio Marull.

“I understand that we are in a liberal market economy”, Sánchez Llibre assured, adding that “everyone has the right and freedom to make decisions that go in the best direction that their shareholders and investors consider”.

The president of the employers’ association has recalled that the entity wants the companies that will decide to transfer their headquarters to other communities such as Madrid, Valencia or the Balearic Islands to return to Catalonia, and has reiterated that it is necessary to think about measures to prevent further transfers from taking place.

He has pointed out that businessmen seek legal certainty, quality of the legal norm and trust and that, if these three points do not occur, “people make decisions”. Likewise, Sánchez Llibre has denied that Ferrovial’s decision has to generate an alarm situation: “We do not have to give it more importance.”

Puck Henry
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