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Monday, March 27, 2023
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Gennady Onishchenko: kyiv regime militants have repeatedly used prohibited chemical weapons. this must end

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 14:04:35

Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, former chief sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

The Ukrainian Armed Forces used ammunition with a poisonous chemical near Vuhledar, as a result, two Russian servicemen were injured. Two helicopters were used as a delivery vehicle, one of them managed to reach our positions. The remains of the ammunition sent for examination.

… – Gennady Grigorievich, this is such alarming information … An ammunition with a poisonous substance was used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Ugledar – it was dropped on the positions of the allied forces from an attack helicopter on February 16 . You have dealt a lot with this subject and have participated in international symposiums. What ammo is this? What damage can it do? How to fight against it? And do we have those opportunities?

– Well, if the ammunition, then it means – made for military purposes.

Another thing is if it is homemade or factory. If it is from the factory, it is easy to determine from the shell which country it belongs to. Judging by the fact that our soldiers experienced vomiting, tearing, etc., this charge was calculated only for an irritant effect. That is, there were no deaths.

It is possible that it was a homemade projectile. What is also strange: Ukraine, at one time, signed the OPCW convention.

– Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

– Yes. If it is included in the OPCW, it means that even if this ammunition is not manufactured in a factory, it is still a violation of the convention.

Another thing worries me. This substance could have been delivered to them not in the form of prepared ammunition, but in the form of, say, a packaged chemical. They pack it in some traditional way and then use it.

And yet, I think that it is most likely American ammunition. Because other countries still behave more cautiously within the framework of the OPCW than the Americans, who speak and live by the rules: everything suits them. And what is useless means that it is not good.

In any case, this must be dealt with. Because this is not the first post.

And – systematically collect the necessary materials, analyze them, look at the origin.

Because many chemicals can cause similar symptoms in the form of nausea, vomiting, watery eyes, etc.

True, there it flashed that there was still a burn in the respiratory tract. This is already… So, in any case, now we have to sort it out and make these claims very systematically, within the framework of the convention. Because we will talk, we will argue and we will forget.

And here it is again. It’s not even the first time we’ve talked about this.

– Tell me, is this how our soldiers protect themselves in the positions?

– They are not yet protected in any way (in the sense of the presence of protisocas). Because even an elemental gas mask isn’t included in your ammo loadout. Because everyone assumes that chemical weapons are prohibited. And even here I’ll give you such a historical analogy, Hitler, when he attacked our country, he had chemical weapons, but he didn’t use them. He used it in gas chambers, but on the battlefield; such events were not recorded during the entire Great Patriotic War.

– I understand. So, it’s time to include gas masks in ammunition.

– First, collect all the data, perform all the necessary analysis. Examine people who have been subjected to it. And on this basis, we have chemical and biological defense troops, which are headed by General Kirillov. And through this system, it is their entire task to present and declare, including through the Chemical Weapons Convention, that munitions whose use has been prohibited since the First World War are being used here.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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