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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Gennady Onishchenko – on World No Tobacco Day: Smoking is not just a blow to female potency and beauty

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 19:05:17

Nicotine is a serious poison that affects all bodily functions.


… – Hello! Gennady Grigorievich, good morning. This is the anti-smoking assistant to Academician Onishchenko, himself a former smoker. I congratulate you on May 31, this is the Day of the fight against smoking. Am I writing correctly?

Yes, there is such a day.

– Here is my question. Every year, and more than once, we campaign with you to quit smoking. You, in my opinion, even called a terrible figure that we have 40 million smokers, or something like that. Do we now have fewer “tobacco fans”?

Unfortunately, many of us still smoke.

This is a very bad trend. Although we are doing some work.

But, of course, all the same, the law that was adopted in our country, that framework convention on tobacco control established by the WHO (World Health Organization. – AG), in the formation of which Russia also took an active part, give your result.

But the international tobacco mafia, and these are the four largest transnationals, does not sleep either, it also carries out its intoxicating work of nicotine, and conducts it in a sophisticated manner.

– Here, in Russia, or what?

– Certainly. Where else?

– Horror!

– Those factories that they built for us, producing cheap tobacco, they smoked Russia so much with tobacco smoke!

And look what happens…

These labels hang from their products, the international ones. But our country does not grow tobacco.

So all the rubbish from all over the world is brought here to us, processed here with cheap labor and produces beautiful cigarette packs.

– And then they poison our people!

– They poison us and other peoples. Because we also supply cigarettes for export. There are officials attracted, at different levels, who lobby for the “development of this industry” in our country.

This ruin!

– Are they smokers?

– Unfortunately, one of the so-called parliamentary parties almost does not hide its involvement in this matter and periodically comes up with the idea to pass some bills.

Today, Sasha, such a topic related to vaporizers is being actively pushed.

– No, advertising has already been banned, vaporizers have been withdrawn from shop windows.

– They should be completely banned. Because if smoking is inherited from Marquis Niko, who 300 years ago, when the colonists conquered the American continent, brought tobacco from there. And he advertised it as a drug.

– Gennady Grigoryevich, sorry, I interrupted you, let’s not plunge so far into the past. Better let’s tell a couple of horror stories. Usually, we say that tobacco affects the potency of men and women smell like an ashtray.

– Let’s add that nicotine is a serious poison that affects all functions of the body. About growth, about mental activity, in the end, about life expectancy.

And you can, based on a personal example, add to my words how bad it was for you when you smoked.

– ABOUT! Well I wouldn’t say. But I’m happy now that I don’t smoke.

– I understand that you are a secret admirer of this international mafia. You say how good you felt when you smoked. Yeah?

– I caught a buzz. But now…

– This is already a symptom of disease…

– No that’s all!

– Nicotine addiction: one of the varieties of drug addiction, the most common, by the way.

– No, I no longer have this drug addiction, I no longer dream of cigarettes.

– We no longer dream. Alexander Petrovich, we digress.

– Because? Vice versa.

– This day is serious. This is a good day. But this day – No Tobacco Day should be 365 days a year…

– Got it, cool catchphrase! And tell me, how many smokers are there in Russia now?

– And – the fight against nicotine without Saturdays and Sundays!

– Understood. How many smokers are there now?

– Millions.

– Understood. So thanks.

– Millions. And the worst thing is that more and more young people are succumbing to advertising and taking to the streets with these vaporizers, with electronic cigarettes, with all these options. Smoke!

It becomes the new fashion. Even though she didn’t exist before. It appeared only two decades ago.

– We will fight.

– A clear demonstration that the international tobacco mafia, for the sake of its greedy interests, is willing to put more than one generation of people in the world on the altar of death.

– I am ashamed of them. It is a pity! Thank you very much, Gennady Grigorievich.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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