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Sunday, May 28, 2023
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Gennady Zyuganov made a statement: Our party and I did not destroy the Soviet Union

Date: May 28, 2023 Time: 22:00:13

Gennady Zyuganov

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

– Gennady Andreevich, you have probably already heard this statement from some deputies of the State Duma that “it was the Communist Party of Russia and Gennady Zyuganov who destroyed the USSR”…

– So, in December it will be exactly 100 years since the creation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Our people, the Communist Party and the Bolsheviks have accomplished five outstanding feats.

– What feats?

– First of all, they saved the Russian state. The mediocre tsarist government dragged the Russian Empire into World War I. For the money of London, Paris and New York, the empire burned down: it fell apart into 20 pieces, and the state ceased to exist.

Saved by Lenin and Leninist-Stalinist modernization. And we must bow to them, the great Bolshevik Party, which found the will and the ideas that made the unity of the country possible.

Neither imperial ambitions nor Russian nationalism…

– And about what?

– On the ideals of work, justice, friendship and brotherhood of the peoples.

On this basis, the Entente was divided and the powerful Red Army was created.

And at the congress peacefully, voluntarily brought together a single country.

They proposed a unique creative policy. This is the second feat.

In the tsarist empire, one in two people did not read well and did not know how to write. And the country became the most literate, the most victorious, the most advanced, the most talented.

And they performed a third feat. Fascism, Nazism and all that bastard that invaded us left.

So, two more feats. They restored the economy, broke into space, and created a nuclear missile shield.

And when they try to throw everyone into a heap, like this (Zyuganov names the opponents who accused him of the collapse of the USSR. – AG), they are just cunning and lying.

When did the country begin to fall apart? When the Yeltsins and the Gorbachevs began to build the so-called liberal market economy. The result of this economy is obvious to all of you.

All the problems, including the fight that broke out in the fraternal republics, everything since 1991, everything because of this betrayal, I think.

And to cover up that lackluster policy they’ve been following of late, they’re again starting to unleash their dogs on us…

So today, when we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Soviet Union, it is extremely important to understand the origins of our problems.

By the way, a special military operation and the creation of the USSR solved practically the same task.

There, on the basis of work, justice and the ideals of socialism, the ruined empire was being restored.

And today Putin launched a military-political operation to save the Russian world, which the globalists, the Americans are strangling. And they are destroying our country. They don’t even want to acknowledge the prevailing realities. In my opinion, this is an attempt to evade responsibility again.

In my opinion, even the Almighty called there, to himself, to his judgment those who betrayed the fatherland. Because he doesn’t want them to celebrate 100 years of the brightest state in the world!

– Comrade Secretary General…

– By the way, we denounced the Belovezhskaya conspiracy in 1996, in mid-March, I made this proposal, the Duma voted. Denounced! All this treacherous public was condemned.

The next morning, Yeltsin prepared three decrees: on the dispersal of the Duma, on the introduction of troops and the state of emergency.

Thank God, the one in charge called me at night and told me: take any action, it will be worse than 1993.

Then they took the strongest measures to stop another provocation.

Once again we saved the country from a citizen then.

And we continue to save… And it is imperative to win, because peace will come only as a result of our Victory. Here we are working for this victory.

– Comrade Secretary General, you said that you appeared before the Almighty… But it seems that you don’t believe in God?

-I believe in justice, in the friendship of nations, in socialist ideals, in that man is one of the most brilliant creatures in the universe. I believe in our future.

– Thank you very much, comrade Secretary General, we are waiting for you on Wednesday the 21st for the “Wednesday party”.

– OK Bye.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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