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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Gennady Zyuganov: The West must understand that the supply of heavy equipment to Ukraine brings the danger of nuclear war closer

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 15:31:13

Leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Gennady Zyuganov

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

… – Gennady Andreevich, as far as I know, Andrei Zyuganov, your father, shot down German tanks during the Great Patriotic War. And the grandfather of the Federal Chancellor of Germany, Scholz, served in the ranks of the elite SS Panzer division “Viking”, which was crushed by Soviet troops. And now Scholz-Chancellor, as they say, has a minus – he would like to send German tanks against Russia again, but he seems to be afraid … Like, what if we burn them again? (What, sure). Perhaps warn Herr Scholz?

– My father and his older brothers from the first day of the Great Patriotic War went to the front – to fight the Nazis.

My father began his military career from the Bessarabia border, he was 30 years old, he was a teacher before going to the front.

Then he fought for Odessa for four months, he fought for Sevastopol.

Near Sevastopol, he was seriously injured, his leg was torn off, but after five operations he survived.

I once asked my father why ours were fighting so desperately. And he said: if we had not stopped the Germans near Sevastopol and Odessa, and in the Crimea, the Germans would have reached the Volga much earlier. The Nazis tried to cut off the delivery of oil from Baku, and it fed the engines of our planes, tanks and cars by 80%, and then a tragedy would have happened. Therefore, they fought bravely and desperately.

– And you also dealt with the Germans, however, already on other hunters.

– As for the Germans, I myself served there, in Germany, in the group of Soviet troops for three years: in Gera, Weimer and Magdeburg I graduated from an officer school.

We had a powerful army there, almost 100 thousand. Two armies of tanks, air.

We could safely reach the English Channel in two weeks, but we preached peace and defended it, and did everything we could to denazify Germany. So, I would say today not only to Scholz, but to all Germans. They started a big war twice, they tried to attack our beloved country twice, they must learn a powerful lesson from this history.

Let’s not take revenge on them, when I served in Gera, we had a thousand registered SS men. They behaved correctly, there were no attacks on the Soviet army. And today they are sitting and discussing whether to send 200-300 Leopard tanks or not?

300 tanks is three regiments. These are two days of serious work for the Russian army.

There are good examples of this in our history. Let’s remember the same Germans about them …

– Of course.

When the Oryol-Kursk battle unfolded (and I, by the way, am from the Oryol region), almost 2.5 million people fought there, on both sides. 3,000 tanks on our side and 2,700 tanks on the German side. Near Prokhorovka in two days we landed 311 tanks in a tank battle. There were “Tigers”, “Ferdinands” – powerful weapons and 70 thousand soldiers. Therefore, the Germans must remember this perfectly, and remember something else.

They have no right, neither the greens nor the greys, nor even the browns, to vote to send their tanks back to war with our country.

Let’s go back to Ukraine…

– As for Ukraine, the Nazis, the blessed, the fascists seized power there, this is the same bastard who later poisoned Germany and unleashed a war.

But even then, Hitler was brought to power by the Anglo-Saxons. His bankers financed it.

He would have remained an operetta figure, but they got together and said: we will take care of this dog to protect the money of the bankers of London and Paris.

And then he began to bite them. So in this sense, the Germans need to think a thousand times!

We were already in Paris, in Berlin and in Warsaw! And now someone there “is going to defeat us…” Nothing will ever come of this, they must understand it perfectly.

The Germans must understand that any delivery of heavy equipment to the Ukraine brings up the danger of nuclear war. Europe must think a thousand times!

Americans don’t care about this Europe! And to Germany! Now they have doubled it to such an extent that big capital is beginning to flee to the United States.

And the Americans do not need Ukraine – they use it as a testing ground, as a springboard for testing their military equipment and at the same time preparing for the fight against China.

– Understood. That is to say…

– The question must be an edge. categorically. The Germans must not intervene in this conflict. On the contrary, Europe should ask for peace. Without looking back at the United States.

– That is, we have already been in Berlin, in Paris and in Warsaw and, if necessary, we will return there. In tanks.

– It’s not that, but – they must be reasonable.

My father shot down German tanks and I was in Germany looking after the SS. We can easily repeat it!

We need to win. We have to rid Europe of this scab forever.

– Thank you, Comrade Secretary General.

– Go!

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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