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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Gergiev’s absence, Currentzis’s kiss, Mironov’s hints: what makes Sochi Winter Festival memorable

Date: April 24, 2024 Time: 09:08:03

Photo by Dmitry Korobeinikov, courtesy of the Russian Concert Agency.

The 16th Yury Bashmet Winter Art Festival has ended in Sochi. This year, the opening was accompanied by various difficulties and tests. For example, a month before the start of the festival, the Winter Theater was closed due to an incomprehensible state of emergency. There were fears that the festival would have to move, but nevertheless a miracle happened and the theater opened as if nothing had happened. However, at the gala concert on February 16, a new misfortune happened. In his absence, maestro Gergiev, who was to direct during the performance of Gia Kancheli’s “Stix”, shone. It was rumored that Gergiev would not arrive, because on that day the maestro took part not only in Sochi, but also in Verdi’s drama Othello on the stage of the Mariinsky-2. However, journalists officially found out about the cancellation an hour before the concert. Yuri Bashmet could not lift the stick from the hands of the absent teacher: during the Styx, the musician performs a viola solo. So Aleksey Rubin had to help.

But otherwise everything was fine and very good. Nothing prevented the world famous conductor and pianist Justus Franz from flying in from Germany to conduct the musical and dramatic work “The Magic Flute. Journey.” (By the way, the role of Mozart in the production is played by actress Nadezhda Lumpova).

Just Franz. Photo by Alexei Molchanovsky, courtesy of the Russian Concert Agency

Despite the sanctions, there were also foreign artists. The jazz evening was conducted by the Cuban singer Zule Guerra, organists from Japan and the Netherlands performed, as well as dancers from India.

For the first time in Sochi the bright novelties of the season sounded. Including the musical performance “The Living and the Dead” by Simonov. During the opening concert, a concerto for domra and string instruments was finally performed, for which the composer Kuzma Bodrov had long been tormented.

Four years ago, domist Ekaterina Mochalova said that Yuri Bashmet was burning with the idea of ​​listening to a domra concert. However, the composer’s work on the betrothed was delayed.

Ekaterina Mochalova. Photo by Dmitry Korobeinikov, courtesy of the Russian Concert Agency

“For me, it was a strange animal,” Kuzma Bodrov admitted. – The timbre of this instrument immediately sends the listener back to folklore, but I wanted to get away from this and try to equate the domra with the violin.

God knows how long it would have taken to write a piece if it wasn’t for the pandemic. During the forced stay at home, Bodrov managed to “overcome the beast”, skillfully separate the voices from him and even create in the finished work that very “oasis of beauty” that Yuri Bashmet advocates so much for.

Yuri Bashmet. Photo by Dmitry Korobeinikov, courtesy of the Russian Concert Agency

Of course, during the performance, Ekaterina Mochalova beamed with happiness and flaunted a new expensive dress.

But this time, the title of the most beautiful interpreter of the Winter Festival was taken from Molchalova by the new concertmaster of the Eterna collective, Olga Volkova. She impressed the audience with super high heels, an elegant outfit, the ability to laugh during the concert, and most of all, the fact that maestro Teodor Currentzis kissed her after the performance. (Usually the master-enviable-bachelor just shakes hands.)

The Currentzis concert, of course, was not the only surprise of the festival. Ildar Abdrazakov, whose bass is well known to fans of the Chaliapin series, where Abdrazakov sang for Fyodor Mikhailovich, could well compete with the scandalous director. (Arias and romances from Chaliapin’s repertoire were performed at the concert.)

Yevgeny Mironov performed very well in a production based on Onegin. The actor performed in tandem with Elizaveta Boyarskaya and overshadowed the actress not only with the game, but also with her unsurpassed ability to highlight and draw parallels with today:

– What will it be now? Melmoth? Cosmopolitan? Patriot?! (Long pause and expressive look at the room)…

The parallel program was also rich. School of Journalism, Beethoven Marathon, Organ Marathon, Young Composers Competition… Unlike previous years, the Poets Tournament has also improved. This year, among the participants was the prominent contemporary poetess Irina Ermakova.

A highlight of the parallel program was the performance in the Organ Hall by the soloists of “Eterna” (Teodor Currentzis’s team). Currentzis himself was not in the quartets, but the musicians managed on their own. The pigeons in the organ room cooed as loudly as possible, the audience effectively sneezed during breaks, and the musicians managed not only to play masterfully, but also to have fun from the heart, although Shostakovich’s works had little fun.

The festival was held with the support of the Cultural Initiatives Foundation. As always, among other cultural events, it is the Bashmet festival that is distinguished not only by the high level of performers, but also by democratic ticket prices. Outside of the festival, the prices of the same artists would be three to five times more expensive.

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