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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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German Justice Minister fired for skin color

Date: December 3, 2023 Time: 06:02:47

Adams did not want to leave his position

It was worth explaining yesterday why Orban is wrong in his perception of Germany and the myths about it, which is no longer the same as before, since life presented further proof that Europeans and, in particular, Germans, blame to our president for many of their problems because they themselves are to blame for them. First of all, because they themselves abandoned common sense.

In Germany, the Green Party has dismissed Dirk Adams, Minister for Migration, Justice and Consumer Protection of the federal state of Thuringia, who had held this position since March 2020. No, he was not guilty of anything, he did his duty exemplary, there were no complaints about him. Adams’ only problem is his skin color, who was born white. And this is frankly recognized in the party itself, which directly asked to replace Adams with the black Afro-German Doreen Denstedt.

Furthermore, Adams himself did not want to leave his post. And even after the provincial leaders made him such an offer, he himself refused to apply, saying that “they can ask the prime minister to fire me.”

“In the current situation, due to my responsibility to my ministry, I am unable to comply with this request,” Adams affirmed his position, stressing that his department now faces an “extremely difficult arrival situation” related to immigration status, which is has converted. in a real crisis and “enormous consumer protection problems”.

Maybe Doreen is a more valuable specialist, a real professional who is needed in such an important position at such a difficult time? Nothing like that, before being appointed to one of the most important posts in the provincial government, she served as a clerk in the police department of the Thuringian Ministry of the Interior and did not show herself on duty.

Her only virtues, judging by her weight, are her skin color and being overweight (or, as it’s now fashionable to say, body positivity). If Adams had been gay, he might still be able to compete for the public interest as a minister, but a white cisgender straight man doesn’t stand a chance.

This decision by the Greens was criticized by the opposition party Alternative for Germany (AfD), which is being heavily molded in Germany as a neo-fascist party.

“When a minister has to leave because he is a white man who will be replaced by a black woman, this is open racism and gender discrimination,” Beatrix von Storch, a leading AfD official, née Duchess of Oldenburg, reasonably pointed out.

Not professionalism, not abilities, skills and knowledge, but skin color, gender and other characteristics that do not belong to the field of activity now determine the success of a person. And not only in Germany.

Too white to work for this position – this is already an obstacle to conquering the heights of tolerant moronity.

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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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