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Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Glamour, foxtrot and thieves – “Zoyka’s Apartment” at the Pushkin Theater

Date: February 24, 2024 Time: 23:07:58

Director Yevgeny Pisarev staged a performance based on the play by Mikhail Bulgakov. Photo: Ilya Vardanyan

New economic policy, age of jazz, foxtrot, straw boaters and women’s shirt dresses: the Moscow of the twenties. All this colorful setting is quite suitable for what Evgeny Pisarev loves and knows how to stage. He has a special gift for light and funny performances. Comedies, musicals are his. This time, the director himself has complicated the task. He is not interested in simply entertaining, captivating the audience with a story about frivolous adventurers and projectors. He turned Bulgakov’s play into a black drama. In the same style, the performance was designed by the set designer Zinovy ​​​​​​Margolin. Particularly impressive is the ceiling in the apartment of the main character, the seductive Zoya Denisovna Peltz (actress Alexandra Ursulyak) with a spectacular, patterned video installation, like in a children’s kaleidoscope. The NEP-era costumes were created by artist Maria Danilova.

Zoya Peltz dreams of leaving the Soviet of Deputies with her lover, (former) Count Obolyaninov. Where? Of course, to Paris. To Nice. This requires money: this is how the idea of ​​opening a glamorous place disguised as an elite atelier arises. A motley audience gathers in it: Obolyaninov (Alexander Dmitriev), who is on a constant drug trip, Ametistov (Alexander Kubanin), a swindler, who appears at Zoya’s apartment as a real bum from the train station, the stupid but devoted maid Manyushka (Elizaveta Kononova), not a clean-handed building manager Hallelujah (Sergey Miller). The actors playing these roles manage to accurately convey the character of their characters.

Noble ladies come to work in a merry house. The brothel regulars: the poet, the foxtrot, the smoker, people who find themselves at the crossroads of the ages, who have lost their balance. Sadly, they say goodbye to the old life and flee from the new reality. In their conversations there are words: exit, visas, documents. This is what makes a work written a hundred years ago in line with today.

The new world they are trying to build in a single Moscow apartment turns out to be dark, mysterious, almost hellish. Party in Time of Plague. Zoe’s business is doing well though. Every night in her apartment is a celebration of life: she plays an orchestra, wonderful music sounds (composer Pavel Akimkin), good vocal numbers performed by dramatic artists. One might get the impression that the director Yevgeny Pisarev is influenced by his own success at the Theater of Nations, where his musical Cabaret (also starring Alexandra Ursulyak) is presented, which was highly appreciated by the audience, the performance received five gold masks. There is almost no doubt that Pisarev wanted to have the same successful musical and dramatic performance in the repertoire of the Pushkin Theater that he directed. Although it has long been known that it is impossible to enter the same river twice. But few directors believe this.

Meanwhile, while there is unbridled fun (songs, dances, music), a dramatic plot moves forward by itself. The dreams and hopes of Zoe and her guests are shattered by the harsh reality. A joyful apartment awaits a sad ending. Instead of a springboard to a bright future, the apartment becomes a disastrous place for its inhabitants. The moon-faced Chinese cherub stabbed to death a brothel frequenter, a top official Gus-Remontny (Alexander Matrosov and Vladimir Meisinger play this role in different compositions) at the most inopportune moment, when people in black raided the apartment of Zoya Denisovna. Long raincoats, wide-brimmed hats – these are not just security officers, they are security officers.

In the list of actors there is a character not provided by Bulgakov named Apartment. Speechless, she detached from reality, a fragile woman without age. She or she sits at the piano, or wanders the stage as “shadows from the past.” Who is she? Maybe the local brownie. When strangers in black cloaks guide the inhabitants of a bad apartment under their white hands, she will sustain life in it – this mysterious guardian of the hearth.

Where: Pushkin Theater

When: May 31, June 1, 19 and 20.

Ticket price: 700 – 10,000 rubles.

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