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Sunday, May 28, 2023
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Go to IT, find some money: in which industries wages grow the most and who is easier to find a job

Date: May 28, 2023 Time: 23:31:29

IT salaries have risen for the second year in a row, but growth is slowing.

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Just don’t throw mice at us and curse in JavaScript. But once again we have to affirm: it is the IT specialist that is the most promising and profitable profession. Still in chocolate builders. Such conclusions were expressed by analysts from the SuperJob research center, having studied the data on the capital’s labor market for 2022.

Let’s go over the numbers. IT salaries have increased for the second year in a row. But growth is slowing down: if in 2021 the revenue of developers with testers grew by almost 24%, then in 2022 – by 15%. The construction industry ranks second in terms of wage growth in 2022, and the industrial sector ranks third (for details, see the “Numbers Only” section).

Over the past year, the largest increase in the number of vacancies in construction, as well as in the areas of purchasing and sales.


Experts predict that these trends will continue into 2023.

– The great need for IT specialists will not disappear, – says Alexander Safonov, professor at the Financial University of the Government of the Russian Federation. – There is a shortage of such personnel around the world. That is why the salaries in this area are high. It is possible that they continue to grow in our country, given the import substitution policy and the development of their software. Also in construction there is a reason for the growth of wages. During the last three years, the sphere has had a great need to work specialties that were previously closed by immigrants. But because of the pandemic, many people left and never came back. Construction volumes in Russia are high, and there are not enough own specialists. All of this leads to a staff shortage, and wages in the construction industry have been growing since 2020.

As for industry, here wages are growing (and will continue to grow) due to the import substitution policy. In addition, there is now a great demand for labor specialties in the military-industrial sector.


Robots work hard, not the insurance company

In the country as a whole, construction, as well as purchases and sales, registered the largest increase in the number of vacancies in the last year (see “Only numbers”). But in the banking and insurance sectors, the number of job openings has plummeted sharply.

“Here, too, everything is understandable and predictable,” comments Alexander Safonov. – Some banks have stopped operating due to sanctions. In addition, some services were not possible due to the restrictions imposed. For example, investment. The volume of loans and mortgages issued has decreased. There were fewer deposits due to the drop in income of the population. Therefore, a large number of operators is not required. But most importantly, the automation of the process is progressing. Artificial intelligence is replacing jobs. This largely applies to insurance. Brokers and agents are needed only in special cases. Most insurance services can be obtained from the comfort of your home.


The highest average salaries in Moscow in 2022

Specialty, average salary in January 2023, rub and average salary in February 2022, rub Growth

Java programmer 305,000 250,000 + 22%

Systems Analyst 230,000 220,000 + 4.5%

Oracle developer 220,000 185,000 + 19%

Foreman 165,000 140,000 + 17.8%

System administrator 157,000 135,000 + 16.3%

Estimator 120,000 110,000 + 9%

Design engineer 120,000 110,000 + 9%

Surveying engineer 117,000 95,000 + 23%

Architect 110,000 100,000 + 10%

In which areas did income grow the fastest in Moscow?

Information technologies +15%

Construction +12.5%

Industry and manufacturing +11.6%

Staff +10.9%

Logistics +10.2%

Banking +9.9%

Marketing, advertising, public relations +8.7%

How have job offers in the country changed?

Construction, design +20%

Sales +15%

Purchases, supply +8%

Transport, logistics +5%

Marketing, advertising, public relations +3%

Industry and manufacturing -4%

Medicine, pharmaceuticals -10%

Accounting, finance -16%

Tourism, restaurants -20%

Consulting -33%

Jurisprudence -35%

Science, education -40%

Staff -40%

Banks -51%

Safe -80%

According to the SuperJob survey of January 2023.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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