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Saturday, February 24, 2024
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“God, give me strength”: Elena Blinovskaya’s channel, disconnected from accounts, again asks subscribers for money

Date: February 24, 2024 Time: 08:58:43

Elena is under house arrest.

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

The security forces began to defeat those who were enriching themselves in a strange way from the leader: the creator of the “Marathon of Wishes” Elena Blinovskaya was detained while trying to escape from Russia at the end of April. Now the “mother of cheaters” who tried to escape to Belarus is accused of not paying taxes for 918 million rubles, as well as other illegal fraud. The accounts of Blinovskaya and her relatives have been arrested.

Elena herself is under house arrest, allegedly she transferred a “significant amount” to the budget as a partial atonement for guilt. And everyone thinks that Blinovskaya spends her time without access to the Internet (this is an arrest!).

But not. The blogger is not discouraged. And even after the official admission of his own guilt through the telegram channel, he continues to urge subscribers to send him money (now without wish marathons, only on the card as support), pressing pity in every possible way. .

“I never thought that I would face situations like this and that I would be judged for being myself, for supporting, helping people and wishing them well and success,” the donation collector, who fully understands what “fraud” and “tax evasion” are. ”. – The court took everything from us, blocked all accounts and left us without the opportunity to live and fight. I have no right to give up! But I am first and foremost a girl and also sometimes I need support and help. Now we have to pay lawyers and start paying taxes. I want this nightmare to end soon, and without you, my friends, I cannot do it. Now is not the easiest time for me. Every ruble is important, every word of support, I look forward to our connection and trust. Love.

Note that this is not the first time new recordings have appeared on Blinovskaya’s verified channel during her house arrest.

On May 16, a whole series of strange messages came out here, including a call to subscribe to the blogger’s new channel. These posts were soon removed; most likely the channel was hacked.

It is still unknown how the new post appeared and who wrote it.

The last message, like most of the posts with the Blinovskaya marathons, is chaotic and contradictory. And it doesn’t really cause so much regret or the desire to mock (especially the emoji under the message is a laughing head), but questions.

First, what does “I have no right to surrender” mean? Is it about the fight against justice? Or an admission of guilt?

Secondly, the passage “I am, first of all, a girl” is especially touching and, in Blinovskaya’s understanding, apparently should melt even the coldest heart. Or is it a joke?

Third, the expression “START paying taxes” is misleading. This is an obvious lie and manipulation, because both Blinovskaya’s lawyer and the judge of the Presnensky Court during the meeting on April 28 confirmed Elena’s “significant payment” to the treasury. Or did they mislead the public?

Well, and so on. In the heartbreaking appeal of Blinovskaya, according to tradition, there are a large number of ellipses, smileys, but the finale unequivocally covers all the emotional pathos – this is something between the chorus of Sergey Lazarev’s hit and the text of the British anthem: ” God give me strength.” Truly a queen. Beggars.

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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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