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Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Gorshenev completed 2022 tour of Russia and Belarus with new songs, hits by Kukryniksy and poetry by Sergei Yesenin KXan 36 Daily News

Date: May 30, 2024 Time: 22:37:56

So, at the final concerts of the 2022 tour in St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow, Gorshenev had a full house. And the first rows of the “Glavklub” in the capital, with a capacity of three thousand spectators, this time were occupied by girls, as it happens at rock concerts. Without slurred words and without missing a beat, they sang, emotionally reacting to every song and line of the Gorshenev leader.

There was nothing surprising in this: a charismatic soloist with long hair and a low booming voice, like Mephistopheles from Faust, changing intonations, moods, facial expressions and drive, reigned on the stage at the same time as a singer and as an actor. . , narrator and affectionate interlocutor who answers the questions asked and not asked by the audience. And therefore it was a wonderful musical and theatrical performance, although looking ahead, Gorshenev did not perform a single Faust song. It’s a pity, because we haven’t had such a precisely directed and large-scale rock performance since the opera TODD zong, the music for which was written by the brothers together – Mikhail “The Pot” Gorshenev from The King and the Jester. He started, and then called a younger brother – Alexei. And his voices are similar, as are his ambitions.

Then Gorshenev Sr. told the RG columnist, whom he met in one of the Moscow bars, that the original plans were to sing in this online production with the youngest. But Alex refused. Perhaps the time has not yet come. Now it has arrived, already on the Gorshenev project. And Aleksey played a TODD track at the Glavlub concert, but saved Faust, obviously, for the next premiere. But he played a lot of “Kukryniksy” songs on this tour.

The concert began with the majestic, bewitching and wise track “Ecclesiastes”, released on the band’s latest 2016 album “Artist”. It continued with hits from the early 2000s, when the Kukry (as the fans called them) played simpler, more post-punk and rock and roll, but so far without the current hurricane of emotions, charming mood swings, rhythm , counterpoints. and sometimes thorny lines, more often wise, noisy and metaphorical.

Then there were “Our Cinema”, “Extreme Measures” and “Hope”, which Alexei Gorshenev accompanied with the words: “Where there is a small fictional plot, there is always hope. But to live simply from the beginning” To believe that everything will work out “. It’s nonsense!” And while the public digested the meaning of such a postulate, he gave them time for two songs, after which he explained: “They say that we are not like that, but time is like that.” Nonsense. No, that’s exactly what we are! Until we understand, we’ll keep going around on this treadmill”…

In confirmation, he sang “Glazur”, after which he told how he prefers to live himself, according to the principle “Who, if not me?” In confirmation of what “Che Guevara” and Yesenin’s lines were, turned into a sad, thoughtful ballad “I only have one fun left” … Alexei quoted, already at another concert, and another poet, Vladimir Mayakovsky: “The Art is not a mirror reflecting reality, but a hammer giving it shape”. It is also about the current work of the Gorshenev project.

Communication with the great poets from Goethe to Yesenin, one’s own indifference in understanding reality, metaphorical and original, biting poetry and intelligent rock, into which the trends of other styles occasionally penetrate, in particular neo-Gothic, are also components of the current popularity of “Gorshenev”.

The code again contained the hits of Kukryniksy, sometimes sounding already with a denser sound and new arrangement ideas, sometimes with an electronic bass – Storm, Hug, Never, and a new song already from the Gorshenev project – Scream. Before the end, the musicians played another song from their debut album: “It’s not a problem. As if it were a reminder that if something hasn’t been understood yet, it doesn’t matter. Much more can be done.”

Also, in 2023, Gorshenev’s tour will continue in 13 more cities in Russia and Belarus. This artist still has a lot to say.

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