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Friday, March 24, 2023
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Governor Alexander Osipov spoke about the exploits of the inhabitants of the Trans-Baikal Territory in the NVO

Date: March 24, 2023 Time: 22:38:26

alexander osipov

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

– Alexander Mikhailovich, you constantly go to the village of Peschanka near Chita, where there is a large recycling center for our soldiers.

– The central district of the Eastern District.

– And they personally escorted various delegations and units to the area of ​​the Special Military Operation. How do the people of Transbaikalia perceive the goals and objectives of the NWO?

– We must protect each of our compatriots, wherever they are. Our historical duty is to preserve our people, to preserve the traditions, the accumulated spiritual values, the cultural treasures of our people handed down over more than a thousand years of the history of the Russian state. This is our worldview – to protect, protect each of our compatriots.

And when we talk about millions of people who have found themselves completely unjustly outside our country and who, against all moral laws, against the human rights inherent to every person from birth, against international laws and numerous statements from interstate institutions, they are being killed, persecuted for their native language, for our culture, for the right to live our way, we simply cannot, as a country, as a people, stand by.

– You talked a lot with the guys who went to the NWO area. And one of our brightest heroes is Alexander Mikhailovich Sapozhnikov, the former mayor of the city of Chita, who volunteered to fight. Tell me, please, is there any connection to him?

– Now he is on the front line, “in front”, as the fighters say. From time to time, the participants in the battles appear with us to solve some problems – supplies or something else. So we learn the news about compatriots-Transbaikalians. In short, they are working now. The situation is tense.

– And what do they say about the mood in the troops on the front line?

– He says the humor is very good. Everyone understands what is happening. Everyone understands that they are faced with absolute evil – cynical, unprincipled. All our fighters are in very good moral condition and strong-willed, determined to achieve victory.

– We talked in detail about your decision to pay bonuses to soldiers for destroyed and captured German and American tanks.

What was our main motive? When the US and NATO started intimidating us with their armored monsters, we decided to support our soldiers and show them that these western products are not as scary as they make them out to be. And it was decided to encourage our boys who especially distinguished themselves with awards.

There are no western tanks at the front yet. True, as they say, the first was. Recently, the Buryat-Kalmyk crew stole an entire Polish tank from under the nose of the enemy.

Our guys – the crew commander is from Transbaikalia.

They acted bravely. The Ukronazis tried to interfere with them by shelling, inflicting fire damage, but the guys under fire still dragged this tank.

– Are they subject to your decision? Will you pay them a bonus?

– When I heard about this case, I thought about it myself. Polish tanks are not subject to the decision: originally these were German Leopards and American Abrams. And after this episode, I thought: maybe we need to expand the list.

– What funds will the prizes come from? Do you have a special fund for this?

– We do not form any special fund. Let’s see how much money we need.

By the way

How Russian soldiers stole a Ukrainian tank

This case is said to have “caused a stir” on the front lines of the Special Military Operation. No kidding – snatching an entire tank right under the enemy’s nose!

And it was so.

Tankers of the Southern Military District, in the heat of the battle with the Ukronazis, noticed an enemy combat vehicle. Apparently, the armored car was damaged, and the crew fled from the shelling, leaving the equipment.

– The tank was in the buffer zone. Neither they (the enemy) can get closer, nor we can get closer, says the commander of the Bayaskhalan tank company Chimitsyrenov.

To divert the enemy’s attention, they called artillery fire on the Ukronazis’ positions. And they themselves moved to the abandoned equipment. They picked him up on a cable, but then the enemy came to his senses and began to fire fiercely at the Russian fighters.

They were hit with small arms, with automatic grenade launchers.

– I cling to a cable, – Bayaskhalan Chimitsyrenov continues the story, – I run out from the other side of the tank, I shout to the mechanic: “Come on, pull him.” They seized and dragged a Polish tank to their front line.

By the way, this trophy is not the first for the crew of Bayaskhalan Chimitsyrenov. Because of the guys, five wrecked enemy tanks and several armored vehicles. Which, in principle, is not surprising, because, as the gunner-operator Khongr Erdniev said, the crew is well coordinated, everyone is there for each other.

But this trophy is special. The car turned out to be practically intact, with minimal damage. They repaired it and put it into action on our side. Now Russian tankers are fighting on it.


Vladimir Resin: With the beginning of the special operation, the relatives of the soldiers, members of the SVO, come to the churches on Poklonnaya Hill and pray for them.

State Duma deputy, adviser to the Patriarch under construction and adviser to the mayor of Moscow – with the political observer of Komsomolskaya Pravda Alexander Gamov. (further)

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