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Sunday, January 29, 2023
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Governor Oleg Kozhemyako told how he brought gifts, letters from wives and children to Primorye residents in the NVO zone.

Date: January 29, 2023 Time: 05:06:57

Governor Oleg Kozhemyako

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

… – Hello! Oleg Nikolaevich, judging by the fact that his phone was turned off for several days, there was no connection … And then, thank you very much, he called me from a southern city, let’s say, he had a very interesting business trip, and you were in military form. Did I guess correctly?

– Okay, yes. Be sure to visit our guys before the New Year.

– Tell me, how are your boys?

– They feel very confident, they are already on the ground, they are setting up combat coordination, resupply is coming, another detachment of Tigers has even entered combat positions.

Get the necessary equipment, uniforms, replenish ammunition. Then they are strengthened and with moral, psychological qualities, the order is complete, they have confidence in themselves.

And, of course, for them, congratulations from the natives of Primorye in those parts that are here (and we tried to visit our legendary 155, 5, 83), all this is of great importance.

Gift delivery, equipment. That is, this bridge that constantly exists with us and makes it possible for the guys to get help from home … And, realizing that they are remembered, known, appreciated, which they are rightfully proud of.

– We will not reveal the location, where exactly were you all this time?

– Of course, no.

– So tell me … When your guys see that Oleg Kozhemyako appears in military uniform, with a helmet, and sometimes some kind of weapon in his hands, what is their first reaction?

– Well, I only wear a helmet when I’m directly in the line of fire, where there is some possible… Well, when it is necessary to take security measures.

And that’s a normal reaction. Because this is not the first time we are there, as I understand it, it is the sixth, so, in principle, there is already, let’s say, such an understanding that this is just part of our work.

This is true, because today there are a lot of Primorye residents in the NWO zone, and these are our guys, our guys, both young and old, who understand that they are doing the right job, they are clearing the land from the Nazis. .

Therefore, the appearance of the governor there (and other guys with me) is of great importance in terms of understanding that Primorsky Krai will always support them both in my face and in the person of my compatriots, who donate a lot of humanitarian aid. to those that today are located in the SVO zone.

It is not limited, it includes equipment, sometimes cars, it is just gifts, it is children’s letters and outerwear.

Therefore, probably, a good half of the region lives on this. Because for many it is connected with husbands, fathers, acquaintances, relatives, close people.

And here you cannot part in any way, you need to constantly be aware of the events taking place there and, of course, help as much as possible.

And the government of Primorsky Krai is doing everything possible to ensure that our guys receive everything necessary that, let’s say, the government can provide and that we can get.

Except, of course, military equipment. The Department of Defense handles this.

– I understand that you do not read the letters, but do you still know what is in these messages: wives, children, friends?

– You know, we do not read them, but you involuntarily pay attention to this, because they are pasted in the most cherished places, as they say, where the guys live. That is, every time it reminds them of home – a letter from a child, a letter from a daughter, a son, drawings…

– Oleg Nikolaevich, seizing the opportunity. We have 400 broadcasting cities, including Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda in Primorye and Vladivostok. You are a popular politician at the federal level and you are entitled to some congratulations, wishes for the Russians… Please pass it on.

– I want, first of all, of course, to congratulate everyone on the upcoming New Year. This year was filled with many events that were held in our country for the first time, including.

This is a special military operation, this is the entry into the Russian Federation of new subjects. These are, of course, some moments associated with the memory of those boys who gave their lives in the fight against Nazism. This should not be forgotten either.

Therefore, the year was difficult, the year was very responsible for the country.

But at the same time, the economy survived, the army showed the results that, despite all the attempts of the NATO countries to turn the tide, they are not succeeding. The economy resisted, our people resisted, even more strengthened in unity and patriotism.

Now we understand more clearly what needs to be done in the economy.

The Ministry of Defense further understands the tasks ahead to achieve victory in its subsequent actions. For this reason, all together we will solve the tasks that the State, our people, face today. And, of course, I want to wish everyone health, success, all the best, well-being.

Well, and so that those who today have loved ones at the front look forward to their return home with a victory.

– Thanks a lot. Thanks for returning the call. Happy Holidays! Good luck, health, all the best in the New Year!

– Best wishes.


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