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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Grozny in 20 years: a competition for the development of a master plan for the city has been announced KXan 36 Daily News

Date: April 21, 2024 Time: 20:29:59

The main objective is to create a conceptual strategy for the development of urban space. In addition, it will be based on the modern needs of residents. As the Mayor of Grozny Khas-Magomed Kadyrov emphasized, the future development of the city is closely related to the integration of the republic into the international community.

“This will be possible thanks to the creation of a financial, commercial and industrial center in Grozny, the development of ties with the countries of the Middle East and the development of professional skills in education, public administration, tourism and agriculture,” he said. . – Now more than one hundred and twenty investment projects are being implemented in Grozny.

Unlike the general plan, where the emphasis is on architecture and development of the territory, the master plan reflects the integrated development of the city.

Caught at the epicenter of a protracted military conflict in the 1990s and early 2000s, the capital of the Chechen Republic was almost completely destroyed and then rebuilt from the ruins. As a result of serious investments, modern residential areas, roads, shopping centers, museums and sports facilities have appeared in Grozny. Many of them claim European and Russian records in terms of their scale. And now it is calmer and safer here than in any other region of Russia.

The need to rebuild the city from scratch somewhat simplified the urban policy, but also presented the local authorities with the difficult task of restoring the economic zone.

– In the wars, not only the entire social infrastructure was buried, but also industrial enterprises, and with them jobs, – says Deputy Mayor of Grozny Shamil Adaev. – In the era of the USSR, oil refineries were the locomotive of the economy, which, alas, can no longer be restored, so the industry has been abandoned for now. And now it is important for us to determine the vector of socio-economic development, that is, to understand in which direction to move.

That is why the authorities took the master plan of the city as a basis. Unlike the general plan, where the emphasis is on the architecture and development of the territory, this document reflects comprehensive development, that is, providing the population with affordable and high-quality housing, strengthening transport links, introducing innovative technologies, create a comfortable public environment, functional zoning and investment attraction.

– On the basis of this master plan, we will develop a roadmap for the next twenty years. And although Grozny is already growing dynamically, this strategic tool will become an additional boost. This is already another level, adds Shamil Adaev.

The republic is trying to expand economic and trade ties. So, recently in Chechnya they began to develop a project for a metallurgical cluster for the production of steel. The region will soon receive raw materials from the Novoyalta deposit in the Oryol region, and then superalloys necessary for components in mechanical engineering, aviation and the defense industry will be manufactured. Now the authorities are negotiating with large Russian corporations about its supply.

Also among the main investment projects is the Grozny Mall shopping and entertainment center, which opened its doors in August 2021. The area of ​​​​the complex is 153 thousand square meters and contains more than 200 commercial premises, parking lots and administrative offices. According to experts, this project successfully combined innovative architectural ideas and multifunctional infrastructure and, most importantly, created about four thousand jobs. For Grozny, with a population density of 907 people per square kilometer, the shopping center has become a new point of attraction for citizens.

Separately, it is worth noting the high-quality roads that have already become the hallmark of Chechnya and the special pride of its inhabitants. For four years, the republic has participated in the national project “Safe Quality Routes”. During this period, the authorities have brought into regulatory status more than 350 kilometers of routes, of which 244 kilometers are in Grozny and Argun, and 112 in regional directions. The region’s authorities hope that the national projects will also be synchronized with the master plan of the region’s capital. .

derbent format

The pioneer in the development of its own master plan was the oldest city in the country – Derbent in Dagestan. An international open competition was held here in 2019. In the documentary project, the authors included a simple measurable indicator, a reduction in the migratory outflow of the population, and complemented it with a complex one: work, housing, education and much more.

As a result, the master plan defined the limits of the compact city – 2091 hectares (this is almost a third less than the existing built-up area). To this end, the authors proposed building new Derbent Walls, which would limit the sprawl of urban development, shift production to a modern industrial zone and liberate the historic center, and limit the height of neighborhoods under construction. This format of “compactness” will save budget funds for the maintenance of existing engineering and transport infrastructure and achieve high economic efficiency of new investments.


Olga Gritsan, head of the analytical department of the Agency of the Center for Strategic Development:

– Hierarchically, the master plan occupies a place between the documents of the strategic program that are adopted by the governments of the regions or local governments, and the general plan of the city or territory. It is a comprehensive and interdisciplinary document that allows rapid adaptation to changing economic and geopolitical realities.

In February 2022, we held a foresight session in Grozny, where we invited citizens. One of the questions we asked our respondents was about the future, as city residents see it, and the industries they would like to develop. The vast majority were in favor of creating innovative high-tech industries. The industrial scenario requires large resources and a strong material and technical base. Therefore, the master plan should propose an economic structure in which the industrial and post-industrial sectors are balanced. But in any case, the impetus is given by the administrative team.

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