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Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Guzeeva sells dumplings and Nagiyev breaks into a big movie: what do the missing stars on TV do?

Date: March 26, 2023 Time: 15:20:48

As Guzeeva assures, she is not a white-handed woman at all.

Photo: personal page of the hero of the post on the social network.

Nearly a year after the great purge of “yellow” entertainment and talk shows, not all of them are back on the air. For example, Andrey Malakhov was able to rebuild himself; now, refusing to grind secular scandals and gossip, he talks about the problems of ordinary people. But Elena Malysheva and her “Live Healthy” from her were revived in the same format, as well as “Male / Female” with Alexander Gordon and Yulia Baranovskaya.

However, other once-popular TV projects are on hold for an unknown period, and their hosts have to find new uses for themselves.


The program “Let’s get married”, which, thanks to the eccentric characters and the eccentric statements of the presenter, became memes on social networks, has not been broadcast for almost a year. While Channel One is silent about the fate of the project, Larisa Guzeeva let it slip that her return is no longer worth waiting for.

The artist first spent her forced vacations in resorts and detox clinics, but in September she suddenly returned to the air, replacing Dmitry Nagiyev as the host of the Voice 60+ program. The fans did not like this castling: Guzeeva got it for her careless attitude towards the vocalists, and for malice instead of a sense of humor, and for the manner of “apprehensively” holding the microphone with two fingers … So, tired Faced with the claims of the capricious public, the actress left the stage in the gastronomic business: now, together with a friend, they make dumplings. And as Guzeeva assures, she is not a white hand at all: she herself sculpts dumplings with minced meat for a sweet soul. True, the prices for dishes from such a chef’s morsel: “sports meatballs” with chicken and turkey will cost 1700 rubles / kg, with pork and beef stuffing – 1800. The host plans to produce halal products for Muslims.

Dmitry Nagiev

The brutal joker, who for 10 years became the face of Golos, unexpectedly recused himself last year: they say a “creative pause” is needed. However, fans will still see Dmitry Nagiyev, perhaps not on the “blue” screens, but on the big ones: in 2023, the showman has several major premieres.

So, on February 2, the comedy “What men talk about. Simple pleasures” begins in the country’s theaters, where Nagiyev, together with Garik Kharlamov, will dilute the famous quartet. And on March 8, the actor will please the audience with the drama “Escort Girl” (happy holidays, dear ladies!), In which he has the main role. Also, at the end of the year, on the site of one of the online cinemas, the series “Films about bandits” with a recognizable cast will be released: in addition to Nagiyev, Mikhail Porechenkov, Stanislav Duzhnikov, Anna Snatkina, Emmanuil Vitorgan starred in the project …

The brutal prankster, who for 10 years became the face of the ‘Voice,’ unexpectedly recused himself last year

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

The only series that is still in doubt is the new 12 Chairs. The project, in which Nagiyev plays Ostap Bender, is temporarily put on hold – the director is urgently looking for a replacement for Kise Vorobyaninov, who was supposed to play the disgraced Dmitry Nazarov.


The queen of Russian song, a year after the freeze of Fashionable Sentence, will appear in the new season of NTV, where she will arrange a battle with stylist Vlad Lisovets. In the show “Fashionable vs. Folk”, the artist and her co-host will dress and transform the heroines of the project to her liking.

– I instantly cut out what will suit a stout woman, what will adorn a slender woman, what will be good for a curvy woman, – Nadezhda Babkina is sure. “For many, I have become a role model. Looking at me, the viewers think: “So we can do that too!” And they add bright colors to their wardrobe, which they did not dare to use before, great decorations that are generally not suitable for everyone. Therefore, of course, I consider myself an expert, but I am ready for competition. In general, everything I do, I do with passion. Do you think it is possible to lead the same team for 47 years in a row without passion?

Nadezhda Babkina

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

By the way, the “Russian Song” ensemble, headed by the singer, is still in service, as well as the Babkina Theater of the same name.


The grizzled fashion historian and Fashion Sentence judge has updated his vocabulary in recent months: he now uses trends, brands, blocks, webinars, buyers and merchants… It is in these terms that Alexander Vasiliev announces his own social network. for fashion lovers, which he plans to launch this year. And in general, despite the retirement age (Vasilyev is 64 years old. – Ed.), The presenter easily and naturally earns money on the Web.

alexander vasiliev

Photo: Viktor GUSEYNOV

So, Vasiliev regularly invites women to his free wardrobe master classes, where, after giving a couple of tips, he offers to take paid online styling training, on average, for 7,000 rubles. Yes, and in real life, a TV presenter is available if he pays: for example, tickets to his next master class in styling are sold at a price of 5000-6000 rubles.


Evening Urgant is no longer a joke: Viewers are not given forecasts about the once-rated show’s revival; as you know, Ivan did not support the special operation and fell out of favor with the people. But now the scenery of the project, together with the presenter, can be ordered directly for your holiday, the format has been tested: the other day in Dubai, Ivan Urgant recreated a picture from the program at a birthday party in St. Petersburg. entrepreneur. True, he will have to fork out: a corporate party with a star will cost 75 thousand euros, or 5.7 million rubles at the current exchange rate.

The showman tried to fill the gap in premature unemployment with a variety of projects: he organized concerts of his alter ego Grisha Urgant (under this pseudonym Ivan sings in his own group), starred in the children’s musical fairy tale “Multi-Pulti”. But the latter was pulled from the schedule within hours of the premiere, and Grisha’s concerts are canceled with unenviable frequency.

The showman tried to fill the void in untimely unemployment with a variety of projects.

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

The only project on the stage that has survived so far after two postponements is the big show “ProjectorParisHilton” at the Crocus City Hall near Moscow, where Urgant is supposed to appear together with Sergey Svetlakov and Garik Martirosyan. The event is scheduled for September 17, tickets are sold at prices ranging from 2,000 to 30,000 rubles.

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