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Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Harassment of Ksenia Borodina: the star is convicted of a gift to her daughter worth 500 thousand rubles

Date: February 24, 2024 Time: 05:09:54

Ksenia Borodina spares no money for her daughters

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the post on the social network.

Ksenia Borodina, 39, is the most talked about star on social media this weekend. All because of the expensive gifts she received the youngest night from her for her birthday. Blogger and TV presenter Borodina posted a video on social networks: she showed gifts for the 7th birthday of her daughter Theona. Not all Borodina subscribers liked these gifts: the price of her is now being discussed on all social networks.

What was the subject of criticism? Ksenia Borodina presented her daughter with earrings from the Italian brand Pasquale Bruni: pink gold, quartz and diamonds. We found these: now in one of the capital’s jewelry stores they cost 555 thousand rubles. Among the gifts for the girl were more toys, dresses, an envelope, and in it 30 thousand rubles, which the girl counted when unpacking the gifts. Most of Borodina’s subscribers are used to the fact that she buys expensive things, cars, gifts; therefore, they were not surprised, but praised her generous mother. And on some Telegram channels, this information was sold as criticism: Borodina is accused of a luxurious life for show business. What do they write? The comments are both critical and sympathetic. “A strange way to express love for a 7-year-old daughter.” “Kids have to make faces in front of the phone so mom has something to put in the food.” “A loving mother with a high income. Appropriate gifts. “At 7 years old you have to give away good books. And not to overwhelm with luxury, so as not to get the “golden youth.” “It would be better if this money was used for good works.” “She earns and spends on her children! Well done. And she helps those in need, sick children. She rarely writes. “The job of a blogger is a lifetime for the show, is it really not clear how all this is now inappropriate?”

Ksenia Borodina has received the main income in recent years from advertising projects, including on social networks. Their advertising publication costs from 300 to 500 thousand rubles. In previous years there was more advertising than now: then Borodina earned about $770 thousand a year from social networks alone (according to Forbes). For her two daughters, Ksenia spares no expense: the girls study in a prestigious private gymnasium, where they are taken by a personal driver, they visit foreign resorts with their mothers … Another thing is that since spring most of the Russian stars do not flaunt. that part of her private life that demonstrates luxury: work reports and neutral household sketches. Bloggers continue to share sketches from real life of our stars – this is how they maintain the interest of subscribers, expand the audience and increase their activity. Borodina paid the price for this. By the way, this year she bought an apartment in Moscow, an apartment in Dubai, Rolls-Royce, but these purchases did not cause criticism, unlike earrings.

A year ago, Borodina gave her daughter iPhone number 13 for 100 thousand rubles for her sixth birthday. As well as a party with guests and a children’s show. And she also received a part of the criticism for the luxury for the child. Ksenia then reported the following: “Why do children need makeup? Why do they need so many clothes? Why such a big cake? Why so many toys? And why do you need an iPhone at the age of 6? Yes, because these are my children and my life! They don’t spoil! Well mannered! Because I have the opportunity! I am their mother and I will kiss their asses and do for them everything that brings them pleasure and joy. If they are other parents, then this is their problem or happiness. And you have it like this. We don’t do anything criminal! I am not the kindest mother in the world and my environment knows it, that I can always put myself and punish myself in my place, and give a sermon. But I love my children more than life itself. I don’t know how their lives will turn out, but as long as I’m alive, I’ll do everything I can for them and more. The most valuable thing for me is the time with them, these are their emotions while traveling, these are our frank conversations in the kitchen, alone in the car, bedtime stories and everything else…”.

Such frantic expenses of Borodina are “affordable”. Just for a communal apartment in his mansion near Moscow, he pays 40 thousand rubles in the winter months. Here’s what it means: once she succeeds in making it to the casting of the Doma-2 hosts. It was this project that popularized Ksenia Borodina, and already successfully monetized recognition from her.

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