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Monday, March 20, 2023
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“He unbuttoned his pants, and I had a tantrum”: the terrible details of the rape of the Russian model Harvey Weinstein

Date: March 20, 2023 Time: 18:50:25

Weinstein was sentenced in Los Angeles to 16 years in prison


Let’s remember, Harvey Weinstein was recently sentenced in Los Angeles to 16 years in prison for rape. Previously, he was tried in New York on similar charges against other women, and was sentenced to 23 years, of which he has already served three. If you add the remaining term and the new one, it turns out that he should be released at 106 years of age. In other words, we are talking about life imprisonment.

The defendant, whose testimony served as the basis for the verdict, appeared in the case file as Jane Doe No. 1 (this is the standard pseudonym for women who do not want to reveal their name during the proceedings). But after the end of the trial, she immediately revealed it in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Her name is Evgenia Chernyshova. She is now 43 years old and has three children. She learned of the Weinstein verdict while she was sitting in a car with her 16-year-old daughter and her 23-year-old son. “I had to ask my daughter if she understood English words well. She said, “Why are you crying, mom? This is good.”

Now Chernyshova is engaged in floristry. And she was born in Siberia (“many people think that there is only ice and polar bears, but in summer it is beautiful there, a lot of greenery and flowers”). As a child she was going to learn to be a midwife, but then she received a prize in a beauty contest and became a model from the age of 15. She was successful: she appeared on catwalks all over the world. She then settled in Italy, where she got married and began to try herself as an actress. Everything in her life was going well until her ill-fated trip to Los Angeles to attend an Italian film festival. There she met Weinstein, with whom she already knew each other, they met at some event in Rome. Weinstein did not recognize her. She reintroduced herself.

And then, from the gala evening, Chernyshova returned to the hotel, began to change her clothes, and suddenly she received a call from the doorman. It turned out that Weinstein was waiting for her downstairs, who immediately wanted to meet and talk. She was surprised and replied, “We can talk tomorrow.” A few minutes later, as she was removing her makeup, she heard a loud knock on the door. “Hey, this is Harvey Weinstein. Open the door. I need to talk. I’m not going to fuck you. We just have to talk.”

Chernyshova was embarrassed, but she opened the door, she just wanted him to stop hitting her. “And this is what I regretted for the last 10 years: having opened the door. She walked in, went directly to the chair, and said, “We’re just talking. It’s okay. Why are you so nervous?” And then “something changed in her eyes, and I realized something was wrong.”

At first, Chernyshova thought that she did not speak English very well, and Weinstein did not understand her. She showed the producer an engagement ring, started talking about her children and asked him to leave her. In response, she “unbuttoned her pants and started a tantrum at me. I kept showing pictures of the children: “I have children, please don’t do this!” But she did what she did. She attacked me in the bedroom, then she dragged me to the bathroom and there he raped me. And when it was all over, he promised to send her tickets to some event and left the room. And Chernyshova took a shower, tidied up the room and called the children’s nanny in Italy … “I felt very, very dirty, I thought that she must die.”

After that, everything in his life changed. She began bouts of depression, she periodically began to drink heavily, she broke up with her husband (later he died). She blamed herself for everything that had happened. “I hated myself,” Evgenia admits to a journalist. – “At that moment I thought:” There are many beautiful women and stars, and he chose you. So you did something. (…) I love my mother, but the people of her generation raised me like this: “If something bad happened to you, you behaved badly. The responsibility is yours.”

And all this went on for years, until in 2017 when he spoke with his daughter María (then she was 16 years old, now she is 21). She became the victim of aggressive sexual harassment at school by a boy, and Chernyshova wanted her daughter to go to the police.

Maria now remembers: “I told her she could never understand me. And she said that she could because she was raped”. They both ended up crying. The daughter agreed to go to the police on the condition that her mother also report what happened. And soon there were dozens of posts about how Weinstein sexually abused multiple women and persuaded them to have sex. One of the biggest scandals in Hollywood history has begun…

The investigation into the case of Chernyshova’s rape dragged on for a long time. In October 2022, she testified for three days in a Los Angeles court and now says that she was “the worst thing she has ever experienced in her life.” She could not sleep, she periodically felt sick. The lawyers tried to catch her for inconsistencies: for example, they asked her why, shortly after the rape, Evgenia posted on social networks a joint photo with Al Pacino, taken at the same party where they ran into Weinstein a few hours before all the facts. ? Chernyshova responded that she was trying to give the impression in public that she was doing well. Although she now says that she felt terrible: “You don’t go out, you don’t smile, you [чувствуешь, что] must die. If they rape you, you must die, that’s all. There is no life after that.”

Weinstein argued in court: “I don’t know this woman and she doesn’t know me. This is a fictional story. With all due respect, Jane Doe No. 1 is an actress, and she can turn tears on… This is not true. She asked for mercy, but the judgment was severe. And Chernyshova finally told the judge: “I will live with this for the rest of my days. Let him live with it.”

Puck Henry
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