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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Head of Chuvashia Oleg Nikolaev: Our manufacturers are actively occupying those niches in which they used to compete with Western companies.

Date: June 22, 2024 Time: 14:44:59

Head of the Chuvash Republic Oleg Nikolaev.

Photo: Andrei Minaev

– Oleg Alekseevich, with what projects, what ideas did you come to the forum?

– There are always many ideas. In this forum, we consolidate what we have already won. These are, first of all, problems of interaction with corporations and regions, with large financial organizations for data processing, with the VKontakte company. Our task is to discuss in greater depth the issues of sustainable development in the region, the environmental agenda and guarantee a closed cycle of life processes in various areas. We will organize this discussion in a separate session, together with TASS and Transmashholding. And we see a lot of interest here.

In view of the fact that sustainable development is a very important issue, this is one of the president’s instructions and it allows us to ensure very high quality characteristics of the projects that we are implementing within the framework of national projects, state programs, and most importantly , to get the desired effect, I think we will learn a lot from this discussion. And most importantly, we will understand whether we are moving in the right direction and whether it is necessary to correct this movement in some respects.

Let’s talk about import substitution. Foreign companies are leaving, niches are being vacated. Which of these niches could be occupied by manufacturers from the Chuvash Republic?

– And we are already actively occupying them, we are not waiting. First of all, these are the niches that we were already present in, but I would say we were competing pretty fiercely. First of all, it is about tractor equipment, that is, mechanical engineering, it is about electrical equipment in terms of reliable power supply and the construction of various thermal power plants and thermal power plants. We competed with companies like Siemens, Schneider, ABB. And here we automatically get an advantage today and actively increase our presence, as I said, in the tractor team.

If we talk about the agro-industrial complex, then these are components such as hops, which are produced mainly in Chuvashia. And here we are developing as a center of competence for those regions that are ready to deal with it, because the market is large, 8 thousand tons of hops are needed in Russia a year. We produce only 225 tons per year so far and there is enough work for everyone. In view of the fact that we have the technology, infrastructure, equipment and can scale up its production, we have created a special scientific and technical center on the basis of the agricultural university and have begun training the regions. 15 regions have already joined the training and have shown interest in this activity.

We are implementing SPIC 2.0. This is the production of small and medium power tractors. We produce hydrogen peroxide by the anthraquinone method in the amount of 50 thousand tons per year. Thus, we will fully cover the needs of our Russian consumers in these products. Previously, hydrogen peroxide was a completely foreign product.

There are a number of other addresses. First of all, in the field of halal products, the demand for which is also growing now. And, of course, the North-South transport corridor. In view of the fact that we are located on the Volga River, we also see great prospects here.


– Let’s talk about the industrial development plans facing the region in the coming years and in the longer term.

– Production development plans are one of the most important tasks. Because it is, first of all, jobs, respectively, an increase in budget potential. We actively participate in all programs of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. I have already said that we have completed SPIC 2.0, and now we are preparing another SPIC of the first format for the production of equipment and components for the electrical industry. I hope everything goes well.

We are actively participating in programs to create private technoparks, we are already finishing two this year, three are still in the works, we plan to start this year. And this is the use of existing production facilities for small and medium-sized enterprises, the infrastructure created. This, of course, is a great prospect, and we expect about 1,000 jobs to appear due to this direction alone, as well as a significant increase in taxes to the budget.

In addition, within the framework of an individual socioeconomic development program, we will implement the creation of two investment parks. Last year, the government of the Russian Federation supported us and created a special economic zone – the city of Novocheboksarsk, where we plan to sign an agreement with the first residents in about two months. There are 5 residents already in the active phase of their projects. Well, there are a few more projects on the way. I think there will also be very big and interesting projects that will fill the city with relevant content and, most importantly, push the development of many other small forms of activity to go along with them.

To guarantee all these processes, we are now completely transforming this work. Two years ago, we launched a vocational education system, and it is great that since this year, on behalf of the President, a program to create professional bodies has been actively implemented. And this is precisely the opportunity that has opened up for us for the work that we have prepared to transform the vocational training system.

Well, the next big building block in industrial production is deeper processing of agricultural products. Here we are also moving according to plan, this year we are launching the first production for chip production. In general, in our agricultural sector, around 150 small projects are currently being implemented in rural areas, which are aimed at processing agricultural products. And we support them with determination, realizing that personal, self-employed subsidiary farms, producing a small amount of raw materials, can thus ensure normal planning. Well, processors – to create new products.


– Oleg Alekseevich, Chuvashia, by tradition, is among the leaders in terms of the number of commissioned housing. Does the republic have the resources to maintain these leadership positions?

– We will, of course, try to keep them. In my opinion, such an opportunity also opens up. There is an instruction from the president to actively participate in rental housing, while for employees of enterprises of the military-industrial complex. We plan to enter this program, we have already selected a site, we have a developer who owns this site. Well, we have already calculated the needs of the companies of the military-industrial complex, which are ready to participate in it. If this program is launched, then it will be a new direction and help to build housing, or rather, not to slow down the pace of housing construction and ensure adequate indicators.

At the same time, our housing provision is quite high, and here we aim, I would say, to maintain those levels. And most importantly, we will focus on the needs of the people and support those who need the support of the state.


– During the recent 14th International Economic Forum “Russia – Islamic World”, you said that Chuvashia is ready to become a pilot region for the use of digital financial assets. Tell us about the work that is being done in the republic on the digitization of the economy.

– In the republic, quite a lot of work is being done on digitization, as in all other areas, it is being done quite comprehensively. And we, before digitizing this or that process, thoroughly analyze how the process itself is organized, whether there are any unnecessary elements, whether it is necessary to organize it in another way. For this, we use the Rosatom Effective Region project. In two years, we have identified more than 530 thousand man-hours that, in principle, are not necessary, it is a colossal amount of time and resources. Of course, this can also be valued in terms of money – this is more than a hundred million rubles saved. After doing this work, we rewrote the process and then put it in a digital format. Thus, we achieve a true digital transformation of the activities, mainly management, of State bodies. In addition, we extend this practice to subordinate organizations. Well, as a consulting company we carry out relevant work for any organization. We have created a special competence center that organizes this work. Well, and consequently, also, as I said, we are digitizing ourselves.

In addition, as part of the individual program for the socio-economic development of the Chuvash Republic (this is among the 10 regions with the worst indicators of socio-economic development), we, having implemented the project in 2020, came up with the initiative in 2021. , added the sixth to the five areas approved, in terms of digitization. And at the expense of individual program funds, today we have provided the construction industry with digital resources of state information in the most important areas – both in the management of public services, and in the organization and supervision of construction activities. construction.

We decided to go further and created a new work format called Digital Energy Efficient District. What is it? We have created a digital twin of the power system of a particular microdistrict, and because of that remote control of the power supply system, we managed to balance and, let’s say, expand the voltage points in the balance of the electric power industry. And most importantly, it responds very quickly to incidents of violation of the power system without harming consumers, they don’t even feel it. The team does not look for damage points, but goes exactly to the place of the accident and fixes the problems very quickly, already understanding the nature of the damage.

Such projects already exist, and in general we are moving, in my opinion, quite confidently and dynamically, and we only intend to increase this momentum.

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