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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Here the atrocities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass began: What is the village in which the NTV film crew was attacked?

Date: July 15, 2024 Time: 04:28:12

A projectile from the Ukrainian Armed Forces hit the pediment of the Golmov House of Culture and opened the roof.

Photo: Dmitry STESHIN. Go to Photobank KP

I have been many times to this village, where the Ukrainian Armed Forces killed cameraman Valery Kozhin and seriously injured television journalist Alexei Ivleev; he lost his arm. It was from Golma, back in 2015, that Ukraine began the systematic destruction of Donbass villages, according to the secret strategy of “depopulation of the region.”


Formally and administratively, the village of Golmovsky (Golma is the popular name) is part of Gorlovka. In fact, it is an isolated and autonomous settlement. An old destroyed asphalt road leads from Gorlovka to Golma. It is better to move along the side of the road; There are unbridgeable holes in the road itself. Several kilometers of fields, then a chain of very beautiful, overgrown ponds, places where water pumped from the dolomite mine was dumped, and finally, Golma’s first attraction: a transformer cabin. A masterpiece of late Stalinist industrial architecture. Built with white brick, as strong as steel, with a charming decorative border made of red brick. Since 2015, this hut has been a priority target for the artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, so all the houses around it have long since turned into dust, but the hut still stands and transmits electricity through herself, feeding the suffering village. .

In 2014, just under 7 thousand people lived in the town, now it is good that there are a thousand. The village itself is built with so-called “German houses”, with bay windows and high gables. According to real estate agents, among the Soviet heritage, this is the best housing after the legendary “Stalin” buildings. But there is no one who lives in these houses because it is unbearable. In Golm, even with the summer heat in Donbass, it is cold and somewhat gloomy.


The first time I ran here was in the summer of 2015, after the bombings started. People are still not used to it, so the appearance of a man with a camera caused a natural scandal with divided opinions. Some believed that journalists were to blame for the bombing, others – gunners of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. At the same time, despite the raging passions, work was in full swing: the holes in the slate roofs were covered with asphalt, and the windows were boarded up with polyethylene. Broken glass ground so that the sound of glass could be heard throughout the area. I made peace with the Golmovites when I offered to go to them at night and survive the “duty” night bombardment together, and then make a report. He asked, “In what basement will you receive me?” and “What to take with you”? He was not joking, he was not lying, and the Golmovistas understood it. And I understood it from his embarrassed comments: “What the hell, why do you need this, take care of yourself, we ourselves are here… we will survive somehow…”


Then I came to Golma many times. In Golm there is a pompous “Stalinist” House of Culture in which they are tired of changing the windows. In February 2022, I was there to see Yulia Chicherina’s performance. I went out to smoke and met my Golmov readers. There are almost no inhabitants left in Golm. But the streets have been swept and broken windows have been repaired. The basement deli near the cultural center sells time travel pastries. They are completely identical to the cakes for 10 kopecks that were sold at the Moscow station in 1979, for example. I also visited Golma last fall, when humanitarian electric heaters were distributed to people at the same recreation center. The town administration continues to maintain life in it: turning off the heating in empty houses and patching the roofs. To my routine question to the Golmovistas: “Why don’t you leave?” I always received such a routine answer: “Who is waiting for us and where?”


The last time I passed through Golma was on New Year’s Eve. I went with the “front-line snow maiden” Maryana Naumova to the neighboring village of Novoluganskoye – this is the Artemovsky (Bakhmutsky) district. Without exaggeration, we were then saved by freezing rain and fog with visibility of 100 meters. From Golma to Novoluganskoye there are five kilometers of straight road lined with burned-out civilian cars. Enemy drones have a training ground here. They even had to remove the checkpoints on this road so as not to kill the soldiers in vain. And in Novoluganskoe, as in Golm, people also live. Just don’t “delete” them, don’t transfer them anywhere, don’t hide them. They try to live as they lived. And in this ghostly appearance of a peaceful past life lies some motivation for the fighters. They see that there are still people behind them who need to be protected. These people live, breathe, resist and have not fled.

Fall 2023. Humanitarian electric heaters for the remaining villagers.

Photo: Dmitry STESHIN. Go to Photobank KP

He used to say calmly, with confidence: “Be patient, dear ones, there is just a little bit left.” I can not anymore. I don’t know how much is left and no one asks. I just do everything I’m supposed to do instead.

And NTV cameraman Valery Kozhin gave his life for Golm. Eternal memory, buddy.

NTV cameraman Valery Kozhin.

And to NTV TV journalist Alexey Ivleev: a speedy recovery. He now he is without arm. But he faces it from his hospital bed, telling nurses or journalists: “Everything is fine, girls, we are Russians, we will get through…”

NTV military correspondent Alexey Ivleev lost his arm as a result of injury.


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