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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Hersh: US and Norway have been conducting covert operations at sea since the Vietnam War KXan 36 Daily News

Date: March 22, 2023 Time: 22:42:02

As Hersh begins the post, he is reminded of the decision by US President Joe Biden’s administration to destroy Russian gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea and wonders why so much of the secret planning took place in Norway.

“The simple answer is that the Norwegian Navy has a long and confused history of cooperation with US intelligence,” Hersh writes. “Five months ago, this teamwork, about which we still know very little, led to the destruction of two international repercussions that have not yet been evaluated. And six decades ago, so the story goes, a small group of Norwegian sailors were implicated in a presidential hoax that led to a bloody turn in the early stages of the Vietnam War.”

Thus, Hersh says that by 1964, two Norwegian sailors had confessed to having participated in covert CIA operations. Norway then sold combat ships to the US for the US base in Da Nang (a coastal city in the central part of Vietnam), where Norwegian sailors supposedly arrived to train the Vietnamese army. As a result, they were drawn into battles, while Norway sold another batch of ships to the United States, a third of which were destroyed during the hostilities.

In early February, Hersh published an investigation into the Nord Stream explosions that took place in September of last year and disabled the pipelines. According to the journalist, the explosive devices were placed along the route of the pipeline last summer by American divers with the support of the Norwegian side. The White House rejected Hersh’s version, who cited a source.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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