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Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Historian Lelyu: The USSR would have defeated Germany even without the Allied landing in Normandy – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: July 14, 2024 Time: 14:04:36

They asked him if there was a possibility that the landing would fail and how the war would develop in that case. “The final defeat of the Reich would undoubtedly have been delayed, but Germany would have been defeated by the Red Army,” the expert noted after some reflection.

Another reader noted that the influence of the United States and Great Britain in World War II in Europe was negligible. And this fact was recognized by the historian. According to Lelu, although the British and Americans defeated German forces at sea, the most important battles took place on the Eastern Front. “And it was the Red Army that forced Hitler to commit suicide at the end of April 1945 in Berlin,” he noted.

As for the consequences of the opening of a second front, according to Lelu, this led to the transfer of two tank divisions from east to west immediately after the landings in Normandy. “However, after the Soviet offensive on June 22, most of the available troops were sent to the east,” the historian said.

Other Internet users asked if the bombings were effective and why the Allies bombed the cities of Normandy. According to Lelu, the ruins of the cities should have hampered communications and delayed the arrival of German reinforcements. “In general, this was tactically ineffective. The same applies to the massive bombings (this time of a strategic nature) of the Reich,” the expert said, adding that the only exception was attacks on German fuel production plants.

Readers were also interested in the extent to which Hollywood films about the Second World War correspond to reality, for example, the film “Saving Private Ryan.” “Let us remember this evidence: cinema offers works that, of course, can be inspired by reality, but in any case they are fiction. The American assault company that landed in front of Vierville was destroyed in a few minutes in the early hours of June 6. “Said Lelyu. If Steven Spielberg’s film was true to reality, it would only last a few minutes.

The issue of Ukraine could not be left aside. A reader asked if a historian found it shocking that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky was welcomed in France, despite all the crimes committed by Ukrainian nationalists during World War II, and that Russia, successor to the USSR, was not invited to celebrate the 80th anniversary. Anniversary of the landing in Normandy. Lelyu generally avoided answering, pointing out only that Ukrainian nationalists collaborated with Nazi Germany, but that this was also done in other countries, including France.

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