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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Horse shows, ruby ​​​​stars and paintings from the Tretyakov gallery: news from VDNKh

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 09:17:36

VDNKh keeps changing. Photo: VDNH press service

A large-scale revival of VDNKh began in 2014. All these years, restorers have adhered to the same concept – the return of the 1954 look to the exhibition. Over the past eight years, 26 cultural heritage sites have already been put in order. We tell you how the renovated pavilions are used and what work is being done now.

“Horse Museum” and equestrian shows

The Horse Museum and the Equestrian Theater of the Kremlin Riding School, which opened in the restored pavilions No. 41, 42 and 43 (a single Horse Breeding Complex since 1954), became new centers of attraction for The guests.

– Regular group visits will take place from January 21 from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Horse Museum (pavilion no. 42). Tickets are already on sale from 560 rubles. Tickets for performances of the Kremlin Riding School Equestrian Theater will begin to be sold on the vdnh.ru website in the near future, the VDNKh press service reported.

The Horse Museum is the first interactive museum in Russia, it includes eight exhibition halls where you can learn about the stages of horse evolution, enter the stable workshop and see reproductions of paintings and sculptures.

The equestrian theater of the Kremlin Riding School, which is not part of any of the world’s museum venues, will stage musical performances of costumed horses using stage lights and modern video mapping technologies.

Music Studio “White Boat”

To learn vocal skills, choreography, music theory and acting skills, parents can enroll their children in the White Steamboat studio (vocalstudio-bp.ru), which has opened in hall No. 84A. It works from Monday to Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

– Students will have the opportunity to perform on the main stages of the country, participate in musicals, shows, film video clips, tours and contests. Musical and musical fairy tale performances are also planned, organizers said.

The ruby ​​star returned to the Grain pavilion. Photo: VDNH press service

The ruby ​​star is back.

The five-pointed star was returned to the spire of the grain pavilion. It was dismantled in July, the restoration was underway for several months.

– This is the third tallest building in VDNH: only the Cosmos and Central pavilions are taller. The main decoration of the building is a golden spire with a five-pointed star 3.5 meters in diameter. After dismantling, it turned out that the ruby ​​​​crystal of the star itself was not preserved, they had to be recreated, said the press service of the Moscow Department of Cultural Heritage.

In the attic of the pavilion, specialists managed to find small fragments, according to which 80 ruby ​​​​vessels were recreated with the help of historical technology. The spire also had to be restored due to corrosion and covered with a new layer of gold leaf.

The Grain Pavilion was built in 1939. Now the facade is being restored, artificial marble halls and chandeliers are being restored inside. After restoration, the building will become one of the sites of the Polytechnic Museum. Exhibitions and multimedia missions, educational and public programs are planned.

When they plan to open: end of 2023

I had to recreate the bull sculptures in the photo. Photo: mos.ru

majestic bulls

Initially, the Meat Industry Pavilion was located on the site of the Cosmos Pavilion, but it was moved in the 1960s. In the 2000s, the building underwent numerous transformations, but Shcherbakov’s painting depicting a herd in a herd survived. grass, mosaic panels with meat-processing plants from the Soviet Union, and the interiors of two tasting rooms.

– Large-scale restoration began in 2021. Now specialists are restoring ancient ceramic tiles, a ceramic fountain, marble columns, as well as a monument to the bullfighter above the main entrance, the Moscow City Council said.

The concrete sculptures of majestic bulls have not been preserved, so they had to be recreated from photographs of the same dimensions: three meters high, four meters long.

When they plan to open: Spring 2023.

Restoration of the Meat Industry pavilion. Photo: mos.ru

new museums

The restored Central Pavilion hopes to open in spring 2023; now it houses the exhibition of the Tretyakov Gallery. Guests will receive 40 works created during the construction of the pavilion, as well as works by contemporary authors. The exhibition will change annually.

The Atom pavilion, which will be completed in 2024, will be the most modern VDNH installation: a high ceiling, a glass “showcase” of the lobby, conditionally erasing the boundary between the building and the street. The Museum of the Olympic Committee will open inside.

A new Leo Tolstoy Museum is also being developed. It will be dedicated to the novel “War and Peace”. They have been known to create showcases and interactive objects. The opening is scheduled for 2024.

“Atom” pavilion with glass elements. Photo: archsovet.msk.ru


Exhibitions at VDNKh that you must visit in January 2023

– until January 22 – “Return to the New Year”. Here is a collection of New Year’s carnival toys, postcards, souvenirs and masks. Where: Museum of the Special Purpose Garage of the Russian FSO;

– until January 25 – “The Worlds of Eldar Ryazanov”, dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the director. Where: Museum of Cinema;

– until January 29 – “Eden”. Exhibition of the Russian muralist Kirill Vedernikov. The exhibition includes paintings and graphic work from different periods of his work. Where: Pavilion “Collective Worker and Peasant Woman”;

– until January 31 – “Jack of all Trades”, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the operator and inventor Igor Chernykh. He directed movies like The Diamond Arm and The Battle for Moscow. Where: Pavilion No. 36;

– until January 31 – “Captains of the Future: Terra Futura”. In ten interactive areas of the exhibition, the evolution of different areas of our life: communication, food and clothing, energy, transport, architecture and even space. Where: Pavilion nº 67.

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