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Monday, March 20, 2023
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Hot springs and natural spas that are free and open every day

Date: March 20, 2023 Time: 19:35:14

Spas are among the preferred destinations for many people who suffer from health problems related to rheumatism, arthritis, and respiratory or skin diseases, among others. These hot springs have medicines and therapeutic benefits that have properties for those ailments. In addition, they are also ideal for disconnecting, relaxing and ‘recharging your batteries’.

One of the differences even from natural spas is that the waters flow at high temperatures, so that on the coldest dates, we can bathe in them between 35 and 72ºC. In addition, they are free (some charge a symbolic price) and are open all year. They are found near mountains, beaches, rivers or lakes throughout the peninsula, although many of them are in Galicia, and the best known are the following:

Pools of Arnedillo (La Rioja)

Pozas de Arnedillo (La Rioja) Arnedillo Town Hall

They are located a little more than 60 kilometers from Logroño in the town of the same name. In these stone constructions on the banks of the Cidacos River, some thermal waters with medicinal properties flow. There are three pools and the water flows from one that irrigates the other two. The first one is at 52ºC, while the last one drops to 35 or 40. The bathroom is free as well as parking to access the pools. There are also showers and informative signs on the maximum recommended bathing times. In addition, many people combine the pools with the cold water of the Cidacos River, a change in temperature that improves blood flow and circulation.

Alhama natural hot springs (Granada)

These thermal water pools are located next to the Alhama river, which belongs to the Guadalquivir hydrographic basin. There are three small pools of clear water with medicinal properties that are at about 40ºC consecutively. The first is the smallest and hottest; the second is the median; and the third is somewhat colder and the bottom is sand and mud. The Romans already popularized baths in this area, which later became even more relevant during the time of the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada (1238-1492). Access is totally free.

Waters of the Fontcalda (Tarragona)

La Fontcalda is in the town of Gandesa, between the mountains and next to the Canaletes river. It is a source of medicinal water at a temperature of 28ºC that contains magnesium sulfate, sodium chloride, calcium chloride and calcium carbonate. The river narrows through a stone and rock canyon, from which these natural pools are born, which seem to have been created artificially, but are not. One of its advantages is that in summer it has a bar and showers and allows you to stay. In addition, there is a nearby beach area, a greenway and the possibility of doing more activities.


This Galician city is known for its hot springs, as many of the best known in Spain are there. Las Burgas stands out, an area declared in 2007 an Asset of Cultural Interest. It is made up of three springs from which mineral-medicinal waters flow. It is located in the heart of the monumental area, very close to the Plaza Mayor and the Alameda gardens.

But there is more in Ourense, such as the Termas de Bande in the As Conchas reservoir (46ºC); the O Muíño da Veiga Hot Springs, whose temperature is especially high, since they are between 65 and 72ºC; the Baños de Río Caldo, with natural pools that reach temperatures of up to 60ºC; the Outariz thermal pools, with one cold water pool and 3 hot water pools (35-41ºC).

Cela pond (Almería)

Raft of Celabalsadecelaturismo.es

This pool is located at an altitude of 720 meters and has a constant flow of 42 liters per second. The temperature of the water, with medicinal properties, oscillates between 22 and 24ºC throughout the year. The size of the Cela Pool is around 50 meters on each side. It has a depth between 50 centimeters and 2 meters. It is free and opens every day for 24 hours.

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