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How a physics teacher from Nalchik became the host of a program on a federal TV channel KXan 36 Daily News

Date: May 30, 2024 Time: 21:52:07

Aslan met the reporters at the show: a three-piece suit with a checked wool jacket and a red gold-striped tie. Like a gentleman detective from an English television series. The outfit is clearly for special occasions – it was in it that she performed in the finale of the “Cool Theme”.

– For me, going on stage and going to the board is almost the same. A teacher is like an artist, but also a scriptwriter, cameraman and director of everything that happens in the classroom, he explains. In my opinion, each lesson should be like an open one. If someone comes to watch, he is one more spectator.

The teacher is an artist, scriptwriter, cameraman and director of everything that happens in the classroom.

Kashezhev is 42 years old, his parents and older sister were engaged in physics. After studying at the Faculty of Physics and the Faculty of English at the Institute of Philology of the Kabardino-Balkarian State University named after Berbekov, he entered graduate school.

On the advice of his supervisor Viktor Adygeevich Sazaev, he immediately began to participate in various competitions. And after a while he won a scholarship for an internship anywhere in the world. He chose an old British university. At the end of his stay, he was even offered to stay in Cambridge.

– I replied that I liked being here, but I want to live and work in my homeland, – says Aslan. – In Nalchik, I already defended my doctoral thesis, they also helped me at the Joint Institute for High Temperatures of the Russian Academy of Sciences. True, the PhD is still frozen: new equipment is required to complete the experimental part.

From England he brought not only new knowledge, but also life experience: democratic communication between people, the ability to constantly ask each other questions. In 2010, Kashezhev became a physics teacher. He admits that he envisioned broadcasting to a large college audience, but ended up in a class at school: a friend offered to try himself in a new role at his own high school. August 31 – interview and acquaintance with colleagues, and September 1 – the first lesson.

Lyudmila Mikhailovna Peshkova, the principal of the lyceum, says that her supreme professional technique is to talk about the subject with the children in their language.

– When you sit down for a physics lesson with Aslan Zarifovich, this complex topic becomes clear. The person is open and accessible, ready to communicate and explain at any time, says Peshkova. – Now, of course, he is constantly on the go, and we have to replace him in the classroom. It’s not easy, but we did it: it’s very important that people see what teachers are like: successful, reaching heights, and not just cooking in the cauldron of everyday life in the classroom.

Kashezhev does not hide: school does not weigh more than the rest of his life for him. After all, there is also a family (he has a son and a daughter) and sports. And Aslan especially loves… squash. Of course, he became interested in a sport that was foreign to us in England.

– I find time for self-development, reading. Do not forget about rest. A person who does not rest is the wrong person, Kashezhev is sure.

At school, Aslan has to deal with childish disinterest. She can often hear from students that, They say that physics in life is of no use to them.

The task of teachers is to teach to learn. Anyone who thinks that they come to school to teach a subject is wrong. I, a physicist, can give less material in my lessons than a student will receive on the Internet on a specialized channel, if he is interested. I take it easy, – says Kashezhev. – Last year, physics stopped being a subject that many chose to pass the exam. It fell back to third or fourth place. A heavy topic, few people want to sneak in. Let them throw stones at me, but my position is that it is necessary to take exams in all subjects. You need to be a harmoniously developed person.

He refers to the Internet as follows: it is useless to resist here. You can only adapt to this process, find benefits in it.

– I am not against the telephone in the classroom, if it is useful. Take, for example, astronomy: you can’t do stargazing every day because of the weather. But you can invite children to put applications with a map of the starry sky. You point the device up and see which constellations are above you now. Many teachers are afraid of the Internet, since children find ready-made tasks there. But it is necessary to make sure that they are not interested in looking for them, or assigning tasks for which he cannot easily find answers, Kashezhev is sure. – Modern technology can change the school: a robot teacher will appear soon. It will be simple: there is an android, and until the student gives him the correct answer, he does not lag behind. Yesterday I gave an astronomy lesson, the voice assistant on my phone turned on and began to help. But the human master is not going anywhere. Our task is to meet the future. Therefore, you need to be able to talk with children, learn about current trends.

Sometimes, however, it is not so easy to talk. From time to time in the classroom conflicts arise between students and teachers. Kashezhev believes that there may be different reasons. It happens that people who accidentally find themselves in the profession work in schools, and some children quite consciously seek provocations. Although things are better in the Caucasus: traditions of respect for the elders remain strong, from time to time shocking news arrives from other regions. In his opinion, even here the situation may gradually change after the phrase “educational services” is removed from the regulatory documents. The confidence that everything is due to students and their parents at school has not yet gone, but this will definitely happen over time.

By the way, Aslan Zarifovich’s students consider him a demanding teacher, but not at all strict. For example, Ulyana Krasilnikova, who is currently studying in the 11th grade of the lyceum, focuses on the humanitarian program. But in seventh and eighth grade, when she studied with Kashezhev, she says that she did not know any problems with the subject.

– Aslan Zarifovich presents the material in a very interesting way. He didn’t want to miss school, it was fun. He explained everything in such an accessible language that there were no difficulties,-says the schoolgirl. -He will always go forward, but will not allow someone to “give away” in the classroom.

Kashezhev demonstrates his professionalism not only in the classroom, but also at competitions. In 2022, he managed to become the most authoritative Teacher of the Year laureate in the country. In parallel, there was a “Cool Theme”. Here, out of six thousand applications from all over the country, the organizers selected 35, from five teachers in seven different subjects. A story was filmed with each in Moscow, a fragment of the lesson. They were distributed on the Internet, where the finalists were voted on.

The final of the program was broadcast on January 6 on the air of the Rossiya television channel. During the decisive stage, Aslan Kashezhev sang about Newton’s three laws, which are like three musketeers: one for all and all for one. Needless to say, the accompaniment of Kashezhev’s performance was the music of Maxim Dunayevsky from the domestic mini-series “D. Artanyan and the Three Musketeers.” And the public voted for him. Now the Nalchik master can be seen more often on the screens of federal TV channels.


Filming of Aslan Kashezhev’s author’s show in Moscow has already started. The professor is in no hurry to talk about them yet, he keeps the intrigue. But he explains that there is nothing like this on home television now. There are erudition contests for children or documentaries for adults. Something in between, for any viewer, after the famous “Galileo” did not appear. Kashezhev says that he is aiming for this goal, and the project management is helping with this.

– This is an author transmission. Many of my ideas were accepted by the team: project managers and editors. They help me, suggest some nuances, taking into account the specifics of television. This is something new for me, Kashezhev admits.

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