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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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How Anna Mikhalkova found the corpse of a Turk in bed

Date: July 17, 2024 Time: 15:53:05

The Pilot festival lasts four days and all competitive projects are screened over two. These are the first episodes of the series that will soon premiere on online platforms and TV channels. (Or they will not be released, because these episodes are only pilots and often things do not go beyond them, filming of the series is simply stopped. Therefore, it is unlikely that we will see “Last Tour” with Alexander Robak and Timofey Tribuntsev about the adventures of two fathers searching for their missing daughters in Mexico The first episode was broadcast in Ivanovo last year, aroused great interest among viewers, but it seems that there will be no continuation.

But another series about Roebuck’s adventures in a hot country is already ready. Last year, fragments of it were shown in “Pilot”; Then it was called “The Third in Bed” and the director was Boris Khlebnikov, author of “Arrhythmia”, “Bullfinch”, “Storm” and other very notable projects. Now Khlebnikov’s name does not appear in the credits and the series is called “Killer Vacation.” Robak’s hero, Roman, together with his wife Lyuba (played, of course, by Anna Mikhalkova) go to Turkey, to an all-inclusive hotel. Already on the plane, a scandal breaks out between them, after which Lyuba tells Roma that she is going to divorce him. In response, she finds nothing better than drinking another bastard of duty-free whiskey. Having arrived in Fethiye and checked into a hotel, he continues to pump himself up with free alcohol, taking breaks only to record a video for his pregnant daughter (Lyubov Aksenova), who is being held in Moscow; In front of her, Lyuba and Roma, by inertia, portray a happy couple.

During a yacht excursion at sea, Lyuba meets Emin, a young Turk with model appearance, who begins to court her in perfect Russian; Lyuba is excited, she puts on a painted war dress, goes with her gigolo to a nightclub, there she gets drunk until she forgets… and the next morning she wakes up in bed next to Emin. She well, or rather, she wakes up alone; It is impossible to wake Emin, because she died during the night and had already managed to calm down. Together with Roma, Lyuba will search for answers to the classic questions “What to do?” And who is to blame?” There is no doubt that this will bring them together and the broken love ship will mend itself.

“Killer Vacation” is so far the strongest and at the same time the lightest and most “viewer-friendly” series shown in the “Pilot”. Much more serious is “Give Me a Show!”, which begins as a satire of domestic show business, but quickly becomes almost Dostoevsky (diluted with Bollywood passions). The hero’s name is Pasha (Oleg Savostyuk from Khlebnikov’s “The Bullfinch”), he is a provincial boy who came to Moscow and got a job as an intern on the talk show of his idol Pavel Sheremetyev (Igor Vernik). The show is about stars, it is scandalous (Sheremetyev, of course, is based on Andrei Malakhov), Pasha must address sensitive topics and look for juicy material. And by chance he finds it: he manages to film the ugly behavior of the singer Kirill Artemyev (Milos Bikovich), who drinks vodka as if it were water, runs through the streets almost naked, fights with the orderlies, vomits at the Golden Gramophone award ceremony and is committed. other obscenities. By approaching Artemyev and putting a smartphone with the microphone in his pocket, Pasha has the opportunity to hear his every word from a distance (a bit of a fantastic assumption, but okay). And after “Gramophone”, Artemyev goes to karaoke, drinks another bottle of vodka there, meets the singer Vera (Anastasia Krasovskaya) and even has sex with her against her will. And it turns out that Vera has been Pasha’s favorite girl since school. But wait, that’s not all: a few years ago Vera participated in a vocal competition, where Artemyev was in the jury, he insulted her by saying that “she had a voice like a lock of hair”, and her mother was very upset about it. is that she died immediately. And now, it means that this scoundrel also raped the unfortunate young woman; Oh, the plot! It’s scary to even think about what the authors, who have truly rich imaginations, will come up with in the next series.

Another series is called “She’s So Cool”, it was directed by Alexander Domogarov Jr. (director of the popular “Palma”), but the director removed his last name from the credits just before “Pilot”, explaining this by creative differences with the producers. However, even without his last name, the series looks great (compared to Palma, it’s just Fassbinder). The hero, a young loser from Yekaterinburg Artem (Denis Prytkov), decides to work as a nanny: to take care of the autistic Lenya (Lev Zulkarnaev from “The Boy’s Word”), the twenty-year-old son of a neighbor who urgently needed to go to town . It seems simple, but the charming Lenya and her demands quickly turn the hero’s life into a nightmare. In particular, he accidentally stumbles upon a porn site, falls in love at first sight with a porn actress and now urgently wants to be taken to St. Petersburg to meet her… Artem, of course, is not going to drag Lenya to Any St. Petersburg, but he still puts him in the car and sets off: he simply intends to take the boy to town and give him to his mother. However, this simple plan will apparently backfire, and Artem and Leni’s journey will expand into a multi-part road movie.

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