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Friday, March 24, 2023
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How Babkina, Gagarina and Buzova have changed: the stars showed the most fashionable hairstyles and makeup for spring 2023

Date: March 24, 2023 Time: 09:35:16

Nadezhda Babkina and her new hairstyle for the new show.


For spring, many people have plans and mood to change their hairstyle or hair color. We talked to stylist Anvar Ochilov about how to look stylish and well-groomed, about the trends and the stars who follow them.


– Coloring. In all areas of fashion, you should not just imitate trends, but do what suits you best. Hair color can also be tried – draw on the net or put strands in the salon. The choice of fashion is rich – various highlighting techniques. The shadows are cold. Haircuts: cascade, bob, square, shaggy.

– Stacking. Do not trust so much in the trends as in what suits you. Now the fashion is in the simplicity. Royal Hairstyles: Side Parting; wet hair effect many braids; waves on the face in the style of the 20s; a bandage instead of an edge; Chinese; cross. The fashion for “zero” returns: we put the bangs back, you can make a small pile out of it or remember the malvinka tails.

– Do the makeup that suits you. The cosmetic bag should contain: mineral powder (one tone lighter or darker than the skin), multi-colored eyeshadow palettes, a pencil or eyeliner (arrows are very relevant), three types of lipstick : beige, red and delicate pink. That is the minimum set to experiment and find what suits you. There are many make-up lessons on the net – there would be a desire to learn.

Nadezhda Babkina

The popular artist made a new haircut and coloring for filming in the new TV show “Fashion vs Folk.” Babkina will give advice to women on how to look good and look good. The appearance of the legend corresponds to both status and fashion. Such a rich dark color is similar to onyx stone. Abroad, it became fashionable due to the popularity of the series “Wednesday”. As well as return saturated colors from the “zero”. Nadezhda Georgievna in style: she made a shaggy haircut. Her hair is cut in layers, thus achieving the effect of torn hair. She gives volume to the hair.

Buzova and her fashionable wet styling in the “mermaid” style.


Olga Buzova

One of the options for the fashionable style “mermaid”. The gel is applied generously to the hair, which is combed back. There is no need to straighten your hair, let it look a little unkempt. For dinner or an evening event, light sparkles on the eyelids are suitable for this hairstyle. Now elegant deep shades of blond are relevant. Sand tones are recommended for summer and spring. When you are not ready for serious changes, you can do an easy experiment: paint strands near your face in a light shade.

Gagarina tinted her eyebrows.


Polina Gagarina

Different variations of the caret remain in our heads. Gagarina has another trend on her head – natural careless styling, in which her hair is tousled according to a certain scenario, and not randomly. The effect can be achieved with styling products and a hair dryer. Here Polina is unrecognizable due to the change in the color of her eyebrows. White eyebrows change facial features. An experiment for those who want to change immediately to be noticed. But painting your eyebrows yellow, sand or white is not worth it for a long time, it is no longer so fashionable and does not suit everyone. Gagarina was like that for a short time. Light and multi-colored eyebrows – an experiment for a holiday. If she changes the color of her eyebrows, at the same time she dyes her hair, to match.

Frost often experiments with haircuts. He’s lucky his hair grows fast.


daria moroz

The actress and her creative bob for those who do not like to play with their hair for a long time. Everything is elementary here: I wash my hair, apply a styling product to give it volume and texture, and dry my head with a hair-dryer brush, straightening the hair. Cold tones, such as Frost, are very relevant.

Valeria and her hairpins.



Classics of the genre again in all hairdressing salons. Kare is performed in different techniques. Royal mask with an even cut, thanks to it, the hair will look more dense. Simple – it goes to almost everyone. Very fashionable: shiny hairpins or decorated with crystals or stones. They also wear a skinny headband instead of a headband – it should sit along the hairline, and the curls should be laid smoothly or tucked into a low ponytail.

Samburskaya put on fashionable waves on her head.


Nastasya Samburskaya

Here the artist shows the waves on the face, which were used at the beginning of the last century. To comb them, he will need a gel and a small comb; It’s easy to do, you need to watch a video of professionals a few times. Coloring is called brownie: the main color is dark brown, over which thin strands of caramel shades were allowed to pass. This is how Princess Kate Middleton looks now.

Regina Todorenko and Natalia Podolskaya. Photo: online cinema HOME

Natalia Podolskaya and Regina Todorenko

The singer and TV presenter demonstrates a modern and complex coloring technique – shatush. Often the root zone remains intact or slightly darkened. The shadow transition starts much lower than the roots. The stretching of shades is smooth, reminiscent of highlights with the effect of strongly burned strands. Such staining is long-term, you do not need to go to the hairdresser often. Todorenko has a cascade of multi-layered haircuts – this adds volume to his hair. And it gives you plenty of styling options. Such a creative mess is in fashion, as well as light curls, curls and tails.


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