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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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“How bad it is”: Slava, who announced her divorce, does not hide her depressive state

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 21:26:42


Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

Singer Slava (Anastasia Slanevskaya) recently announced a break with millionaire Anatoly Danilitsky. The couple separated after 18 years of civil marriage. And although, making a statement about the divorce on social networks, Ella Slava looked cheerful and self-confident, later the artist admitted: she was completely messed up. On her page, the interpreter posted a new video in which she said that she was in a depressive state.

In the video, Slava, stroking the cat, talks about his emotions.

“How it really sucks. Here is my love, here he really loves me, ”said the singer showing her fluffy pet.

Slava does not talk about the reasons for the divorce. But, apparently, the singer is offended by her husband, although she does not admit it. The artist hinted that the problems in her marriage had been accumulating for several years, and now she decided to end this relationship.

“I don’t want to tell you the reasons, because there were a lot of good things, but in recent years there have been a lot of bad things. I am beautiful, beautiful, talented, ready for a new relationship. Introduce. I will be happy to meet a sexy, beautiful, rich, responsible and loving person. Make sure you smell delicious. This is how it happens, ”Slava, 42, told his fans.

The singer lived with Anatoly Danilitsky for 18 years.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Slava met Anatoly Danilitsky, former CEO of the National Reserve Corporation, at the dawn of his show business career. The businessman was 28 years older than Slava, and, moreover, he was married, but this fact did not bother the singer. For the sake of Glory, Danilitsky broke up with his wife and moved to a young darling. He adopted Slava’s daughter from his first marriage, Alexander, as his own. In December 2011, a common daughter Antonina was born to common-law spouses. When Slava was pregnant, Danilitsky offered to formalize the relationship, but in the end they never reached the registry office.

Rumors that Slava broke up with her husband appeared a couple of months ago. In the fall, the artist suddenly decided to change: she had liposuction and breast correction, she tightened the skin on her face. The interpreter responded evasively to the rumors of her breakup with her husband: they say they no longer live together, because the 69-year-old millionaire snores loudly. First, she Slava allegedly asked her to move to the next room, and then to another apartment.

“We live in different apartments. It all started with the fact that he snores terribly, it’s scary. First we started living in different rooms, then I left, and somehow it happened… He’s an adult guy now, he needs to take a break from us!” the singer explained.

Judging by the fact that soon after that Danilitsky posted a video on social networks capturing him in a nightclub in the company of two beauties, it was not snoring that destroyed Slava’s family life. The businessman did not particularly hide the fact that he prefers to have fun in the company of young girls. And, apparently, the spouses have not lived together for quite some time.

The last time Slava and her husband were seen together in the registry office almost a month ago. The eldest daughter of singer Alexander Morozov married on November 26. Danilitsky was also present at the ceremony at the Barvikha registry office near Moscow. The bride’s stepfather dressed in a dark suit with a white shirt and filmed what was happening with his mobile phone.

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