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Saturday, April 1, 2023
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How Bashkirians survived bad weather KXan 36 Daily News

Date: April 1, 2023 Time: 16:27:30

As the head of the department of the head of the Republic of Belarus for social communications Elena Prochakovskaya noted, last week the residents of the region were most concerned about roads. On this subject, the Incident Management system received 634 calls, of which 350 were directly related to snow removal, mainly on municipal roads. Additionally, of 474 landscaping requests, nearly half involved complaints about snowdrift-filled yards and sidewalks.

But in the Zilairsky district, the inhabitants of the three villages of Baiguzhino, Verkhnegaleevo and Bikyan found themselves literally in snow captivity. The path leading to them was covered in snow. According to the villagers, even KamAZ could not break through it. While the people waited and waited for the regional authorities to send a tractor, one of the residents of the place turned to the head of the republic on social networks. They promised him that they would send him the equipment, but by then the functions of the municipality had been fulfilled by an ordinary retiree.

“While you were solving the problem, a simple disabled retiree, who is 72 years old, cleared the way on his little tractor!” – wrote the woman in response to the comment of the officials.

Due to snowfall and covered roads in the republic, restrictions on the movement of vehicles on various routes were introduced and removed several times. At the same time, only during the day of February 26, rescuers from the Bashkir Ministry of Emergency Situations drove to blocked roads five times and evacuated 10 people, including five children. Meanwhile, employees of the State Committee for Emergency Situations of the Republic freed six cars stuck in the snow, stuck for the night near the village of Kushulevo in the Dyurtyulinsky district. Rescue teams brought an adult and three children, including a one-year-old baby, to the city.

On the same day, in the Kuyurgazinsky district, wind and snow damaged overhead power lines: 179 residential buildings were left without electricity and heating for almost seven hours.

For Ufa residents, heavy snowfall led to traffic jams at 10 points and restrictions on heavy trucks entering the city at the start of the working week. The city authorities report that all available forces and means have been put into the fight against bad weather: 305 municipal equipment units and 399 road workers are working on the streets, and 111 special equipment units and 604 janitors are removing snow in patios. . In addition, 561 employees of the management companies of the UZHH districts of the city participated in the work. However, this was clearly not enough, some residents of Ufa had to collect shovels and clean up their gardens on their own.

The head of the region, Radiy Khabirov, also drew attention to the problems of snow removal in the courtyards and roads of the republic. He demanded that this work be intensified, noting that the snowfall in the republic was clearly not for a day, but the real spring was still far away.

By the way

Rescuers from the Ufa search and rescue team of the Russian Emergencies Ministry came to the aid of tourists who were trapped on snowmobiles on an island in the Zilim River. One of the vehicles fell through the ice. Then the tourists decided not to risk it and called the rescuers, who evacuated them from the island on a hovercraft and took them to the nearest settlement. No damage done. As the rescuers said, it helped the group a lot to be able to build a fire and have a supply of food with them.


In the last week, 49.1 thousand calls were received in the “112 system”.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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