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Friday, September 29, 2023
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How can entrepreneurs obtain state funds for their businesses?

Date: September 29, 2023 Time: 16:41:43

Specialists of the SME Corporation talked about how small and medium-sized enterprises in Russia can get a loan with state support, which covers up to 50% of the loan amount. For this, entrepreneurs have access, first of all, to “umbrella” guarantees, which are already actively used by companies throughout the country, according to the official website of the Corporation.

The “umbrella” mechanism allows small and medium-sized enterprises to obtain a loan from a partner bank with the guarantee of an SME directly without the need to request anything additional from the corporation. The amount of the guarantee for a loan is up to one billion rubles and covers up to 50% of the amount received. The commission is paid by the bank, ”says the publication.

The general guarantee mechanism is part of the National Guarantee System (NGS), which is operated by the SME Corporation. NGS operates within the framework of the national project “Small and Medium Enterprises” under the supervision of First Deputy Prime Minister Andrey Belousov and helps small and medium-sized enterprises to attract loan funds for their business, even if they do not have sufficient or no collateral to obtain a loan.

“Umbrella” warranties are provided by the SME Corporation. Warranties can also be obtained from regional warranty organizations (RGOs). They assume part of the debt payment obligations if, due to certain circumstances, the entrepreneurs themselves cannot meet this obligation. Guarantees also help banking organizations, reducing their risks.

To receive “umbrella” guarantees, companies must: comply with Federal Law 209, not violate the procedure and conditions for providing state support, not engage in the extraction / sale of minerals, not be in bankruptcy proceedings, not have a group of companies with revenues of more than 2 billion rubles has no debts.

Regional guarantee organizations have more modest requirements for entrepreneurs, but they also issue guarantees for smaller amounts. Therefore, it is necessary to be registered in the SME register or to be self-employed, not to have debts of more than 50 thousand rubles, not to have salary arrears with employees, not to be in bankruptcy stage.

Only in the first half of 2023, thanks to the guarantees received under the NGS, entrepreneurs attracted 527 billion rubles. Of the total amount, more than 250 rubles were received by micro-enterprises from all over the country. “Representatives of small businesses attracted about 205.7 billion rubles. Medium-sized businesses received 71 billion rubles,” Alexander Isaevich, general director of the SME corporation, said earlier.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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