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Thursday, February 2, 2023
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How can I save on gasoline to face the end of the discount?

Date: February 2, 2023 Time: 13:08:44

With the January slope and the price rise just around the corner as soon as the new year begins, drivers now face the withdrawal of 20 cents per liter in each refueling approved by the Government to fight inflation. How can you save behind the wheel? The experts begin to give their advice. From Oscaro, an online spare parts sales platform, they remember ten ‘tricks’ to increase fuel savings while driving and thus give pockets a break:

Full, no thanks: the more loaded the vehicle is with fuel, the heavier it will be and the more energy it will need to move, so when refueling it is best to avoid filling the tank up to 100% of its capacity. Use the correct fuel: Some vehicles need to use better quality fuels, such as high-end ones, but depending on the platform, most cars can run perfectly on medium fuel, as it meets European quality standards. Cleaning of internal components: there are products on the market that used correctly can reduce fuel consumption by up to 30%, such as fuel additives, which clean the injectors responsible for supplying fuel to the engine, which improve the flow gasoline or diesel and increase the performance of the vehicle. Keep an eye on speed: one of the best ways to make efficient use of fuel is to keep the speed of the vehicle constant and for this you can use the so-called cruising speed, a function that many of the cars on the road today have. available. Use the appropriate gears: if you drive with the car at high revs, you will be burning more gasoline than necessary, and the same will happen if you drive at low revs, since the injector will be more open than necessary, causing it to pass more gasoline to the engine. However, using the engine brake and lifting the foot off the accelerator prevents more gasoline from entering and the vehicle gradually stops on its own. Monitor the condition of the tyres: if the wheels do not have the ideal pressure indicated by the manufacturer or the tread is very worn, the friction of the tire on the asphalt will be increasing and, therefore, the vehicle will use more. Reduce the Cargo: Reducing luggage is a good way to start saving because the more loaded the vehicle is, the more fuel it will need to travel. Prevention is better than paying: in addition to additives for diesel or gasoline vehicles, there are t proengers engines and injection circuits, which reduce the accumulation of carbon, the emission of smoke and other gases, and save fuel use in the vehicle . Sharing is saving: as far as possible, make the most of the number of occupants in a vehicle to be able to distribute the cost of fuel among colleagues from work or studies who live nearby to go to the destination together.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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