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Monday, May 20, 2024
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How can the new sick leave for temporary disability be transmitted?

Date: May 20, 2024 Time: 09:56:50

Working women in Spain must pay special attention to the three new temporary disability losses announced by the Government of Spain that will come into force on June 1. Thus, it is convenient for them to know how these situations are processed due to common contingencies with Social Security, until the automatic application of the contribution conditions associated with each one is implemented.

The measures, which are included in Organic Law 1/2023, of February 28, contemplate that women can take leave due to temporary disability due to secondary disabling menstruation, due to interruption of pregnancy -abortion- and due to gestation by the woman. worker since the first day of the week 39.

The main objective of this organic law is to guarantee fundamental rights in the field of sexual and reproductive health, regulate sexual and reproductive rights and the conditions for the voluntary termination of pregnancy. In turn, it prevents and attends to all manifestations of violence against women in the reproductive sphere.

This is how new leave for temporary disability is requested

Given that special situations of temporary disability due to common contingencies are considered, the issuance of the sick leave, confirmation and discharge parts are the responsibility of the Public Health Service to which the worker is linked. At an economic level, they are borne by the entity to which the company is associated. Social Security has coordinated with these centers to issue the documentation, as indicated in the latest News Bulletin of the public organization, which is in the hands of the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations, led by José Luis Escrivá .

75% of the employer’s contributions to Temporary Disability Security for female workers who have reached 62 years of age.

Another important issue is that the subsidy is paid when the beneficiary is temporarily disabled. However, when sick leave occurs after the 39th week of pregnancy, income is received from the time it begins until the date of delivery, except if the worker begins a risk situation earlier during pregnancy. In this case, the benefit will be charged for as long as the disability is maintained.

Temporary disability due to termination of pregnancy

One of the special situations contemplated by the new law is temporary disability due to the termination of pregnancy, whether voluntary or not, while receiving health care from the Public Health Service and it is not possible to work. The standard includes the following new features:

The current three-day reflection period and the obligation to receive information about the resources and help available if the pregnancy continues is eliminated. This information should only be received if the woman requests it. Public health administrations have to guarantee the provision of these services in hospitals. This is the one established for the provision of temporary disability derived from professional contingencies.

Temporary disability due to painful period

Another special situation of temporary disability due to common contingencies refers to sick leave due to secondary disabling menstruation or secondary dysmenorrhea associated with pathologies such as endometriosis, adenomyosis, endometrial polyps, fibroids, pelvic inflammatory disease, polycystic ovaries, or difficulty in blood flow. menstrual, whatever the type. In this way, it is intended to eliminate any type of negative bias in the workplace.

Temporary disability due to pregnancy from week 39

Added to the two previously mentioned are temporary disability due to common pregnancy contingencies of working women from the first day of the thirty-ninth week. Social Security is in charge of paying the subsidy from the day after the sick leave, until the date of delivery, so the company must take care of the corresponding full salary.

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