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Friday, March 24, 2023
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How can you turn your passion into a business? Free webinars for freelancers will help Muscovites find the answer to this question KXan 36 Daily News

Date: March 24, 2023 Time: 02:14:42

Last year, freelancers were more often engaged in transportation, delivery, apartment rentals, and construction. Among the areas in demand are repair, marketing and advertising, IT services, accounting. To legalize your status, it is not necessary to go to the tax office. It is most convenient to do this through the website of the Federal Tax Service, the mobile application My Tax or bank applications. One of the main advantages is a low tax rate: 4% on the income of natural persons and 6% on the income of individual entrepreneurs and legal entities. Tour guide Karina Silakova decided to “come out of the shadows” in April 2021. This helped her build better client relationships. She now she conducts search tours for children and develops new directions. “I installed My Tax and filled out the form. And that’s it, I’m registered,” she told RG. “The interface is clear. You can write and cancel a check, create and pay an invoice, pay taxes, and they are calculated automatically.” Olga Kondakova, a legal marketer who provides services to lawyers and companies in the field of marketing and advertising, also legalized her income.

Yana Albrecht, director of the UIS and CoMagic brand marketing team, said she uses the services of freelance writers and designers. “We have a group of outside contractors. We work with some on a regular basis, others we bring in on a one-off basis,” Albrecht explained. “This makes it easier to switch them over and bring in new ones.” But it’s harder to keep a top-tier specialist out of state. Yes, and contractors can be employed on large projects with another client, so you need to remember this and form a group of several people in advance, with whom the conditions have already been agreed. According to the founder of Ingate holding Nikita Androsov, the self-employed person works in his own team, does not keep working hours, does not have a fixed work schedule and does not pay for it. He just performs specific tasks. Let’s say he came up with a label design, got money, and it’s free.

Freelancers are more often involved in transportation, delivery, and apartment rentals.

The Ostrovok.ru service started working with freelancers recently, in test mode. “We were more focused on working with large and medium-sized hotels, but over the past year many small accommodation facilities joined us. They were looking for alternative sites after the departure of foreign platforms,” ​​the company’s press service noted. all of them formalize their business in our usual organizational and legal form (legal person or individual entrepreneur)”.

Infographic “RG” / Leonid Kuleshov / Sergey Zhukov


A platform has been launched on the City’s app that helps freelancers find an official part-time job close to home, with convenient hours and instant pay, commercial director Arthur Albert told RG. According to him, there are now vacancies for loaders, couriers, cooks, packers and cashiers. In the future, the list will be replenished with offers for remote workers and people with disabilities.

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The schedule of online meetings of the project “I am self-employed 3.0” and the links for registration are posted on mbm.mos.ru in the “Education” section. On the same portal the digital ecosystem “All about self-employment from A to Z” operates, where you can find information about support measures, services, services and training programs existing in Moscow.

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Hansen Taylor
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