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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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How China will adjust its response strategy to COVID-19 KXan 36 Daily News

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 21:40:38

In the past three years, China has ridden many waves of the pandemic and has successfully dealt with more than 100 cluster outbreaks. According to statistics, in China, with a population of more than 1.4 billion people, the COVID-19 epidemic has claimed the lives of just over 5,000 people.

In early 2020, in the face of the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, China mobilized resources across the country by launching an unprecedented life-saving operation in the hardest-hit city of Wuhan, Hubei province. Initial success in curbing the virus helped China take the lead in the next phase of COVID-19 prevention, control and control measures, as the country raced against time while vaccinating its population and developing kits. rapid tests and medicines.

Over the past three years, China has accumulated significant knowledge in the field of COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment, and has also continued to improve its capabilities in outpatient treatment, pathogen detection, and epidemiological investigations.

To date, more than 90 percent of the Chinese population has been vaccinated against the coronavirus. This has helped China weather waves of outbreaks caused by strains of the coronavirus.

As the virus becomes less lethal, and given the increasing national vaccination rate and experience gained in treating COVID-19, the Chinese authorities have further optimized their anti-epidemic model, allowing asymptomatic patients and those with advanced disease present mild cases. , self-medicate at home, and reduce mass nucleic acid testing for COVID-19.

China has managed to maintain one of the lowest levels in the world in terms of serious cases and deaths from COVID-19. The average life expectancy of Chinese people continued to rise amid the pandemic, from 77.93 years in 2020 to 78.2 years in 2021.

However, it is worth noting that China has never viewed anti-epidemic efforts and economic growth as a dilemma, instead stressing the importance of highly effective coordination of these two processes.

In 2020, China became the first major economy in the world to achieve GDP growth. China’s average annual GDP growth rate in 2020-21 reached 5.1 percent. The country has also successfully eradicated absolute poverty, which is no easy task given the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor is a full-time editor for ePrimefeed covering sports and movie news.

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